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Welcome to Temple! Our team at Discover Temple is full of hardworking people and has many years of combined experience in the tourism industry. Through the leadership of our destination marketing manager, we have grown our team to include both a sales team and marketing team. The friendly faces behind Discover Temple are ready to bring you all the incredible experiences and possibilities that Temple has in store for you. Discover your friendly neighborhood destination team today and learn more about our team members’ roles and contact information.

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Teresa Anderson

Teresa Anderson, FCDME Destination Marketing Manager

Teresa has been involved in leading destination marketing organizations (DMOs) for over 25 years and has enjoyed working with destination marketing organizations from the east coast (Hilton Head Island) to the west coast (Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and West Hollywood) and locations between on various projects and programs including strategic and marketing planning, mystery shopping, public relations and accreditation assistance.

Headshot of Sennett

Sennett Farias, CTE Destination Marketing Coordinator

Sennett is a Certified Tourism Executive that has been with the City of Temple for over 9 years. She manages all the Downtown Temple social media channels and is committed to marketing our Main Street program and documenting all fantastic growth happening in Downtown Temple.

Courtney Pierce

Courtney Pierce Destination Experience Specialist

Courtney Pierce specializes in crafting our blog content and building experiences for incoming visitors. Courtney strives to showcase all of the incredible attractions Temple has to offer like our expanding list of delicious restaurants, exciting things to do around the destination, and outdoor attractions.

Emily Betros

Emily Betros Sales & Marketing Specialist

Emily assists our destination’s visitors by providing them with targeted materials based on their interests such as family fun, restaurants, lodging, museums and attractions, or great outdoor adventures. Her sales focus is on the SMERF market (social, military, education, religious and fraternal).

Brenda Aponte

Brenda Aponte Senior Marketing Assistant

Brenda Aponte is the senior marketing assistant to the team. She dedicates her time to helping the team with administrative support, taking on tasks and responsibilities, and putting on a friendly face for all to see.

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