Health & Wellness

Home to Baylor Scott & White Hospital, the VA Hospital, and McLane Children’s Hospital, the medical district of Temple is centrally located in the city and provides both guests and locals the resources the health and wellness resources they may need. If you’re travelling to visit a sick family member or seek care for yourself, the medical district is located next to restaurants, shopping, and near our three major hospitals.    

Temple became known for health and wellness when Dr. Arthur Scott, Sr. and Dr. Raleigh White, Jr. opened the hospital that is now operated under the name of Baylor Scott & White Hospital. The creation of the hospital spurred on the movement of more health clinics and hospitals to set their sights on Temple. Baylor Scott and White paved the way for growth and opportunities. Due to the extensive research and care options done at the hospitals in Temple’s medical district, visitors come from all over when seeking care or visiting relatives.

Health, wellness, and mindfulness are becoming an increasingly important factor in recent years. Visitors to Temple can check out the numerous gyms in the city as well as the abundance of parks activities that take place throughout the year. Attend a goat yoga event at a local farm, explore fitness classes, or seek outdoor recreation activities to keep your health and wellness at peak levels while traveling.