Needing transportation on your next trip to the city? Visitors can rent a car at Enterprise, Hertz Car Rental, or Budget Car Rental. These companies make It easy for visitors to rent a car to take care of all their travel needs while in the area. No matter if you’re looking to rent a car for one day or three, these businesses can accommodate your needs at an affordable rate. If renting a car isn’t the best option for you, Temple also has public transportation systems. The Hop is available for bus transportation for select hours throughout the day.  

For visitors in town looking to scope out the downtown scene, there are over 30 scooters placed in various locations downtown. Visitors can rent the scooters and ride around the downtown area to see all the local shops and restaurants. Visitors can return the scooters to one of the scooter drop-off locations downtown once done. 

For transportation outside of town, visitors can ride the train at the Amtrak station found inside the Santa Fe Depot.


Scooters In Downtown

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Temple Scooter Company (part of Tour Temple) owns and operates 30 electric scooters available for rent within the downtown Temple area with 25-30 more…