Pet Friendly

Taking a trip or traveling for vacation is always a great way to get out and experience new places and the local culture. And as relaxing as vacations are, it can be stressful finding ways to either board your pets or find a way to bring them along for the journey. After all, taking a trip to a new destination is much more fun with your pets by your side.

Conveniently located off major highways like I-35, Temple has several properties that are pet friendly and suitable for your furry friend. There are also a few pet friendly options found in Temple’s neighboring cities, Salado and Belton. Whether you’re looking to stay in a relaxing bed and breakfast, hotel, AirBnb, or economy hotel, Temple is here to make bringing your pets on vacation easy and affordable. Find out more about our pet friendly properties or check out our blog to see other pet friendly things to do in Temple.