Welcome to Temple where the locals are the friendliest, the food is excellent, and the industries are booming. Wherever you’re moving from, Temple is excited to be the new place you call home. 

Temple has become a center of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Businesses are always opening and evolving.  Located an hour north of Austin, Temple is nestled in the heart of Central Texas where visitors and residents get to skip the heavy traffic of big cities as well as the higher cost of living. Temple’s small-town aesthetic helps residents and visitors to feel more connected and like a family rather than people that just so happen to reside in the same area code. The locals are a prime example of southern hospitality at its finest. With lower costs in major industries like housing and groceries, a revitalization of the downtown district, and access to excellent healthcare and career opportunities, you’ll find Temple to be the best place for you. Get ready to experience the innovation and opportunity in Temple.