Temple Friendly

The best thing about Temple, Texas, is the people!!

Discover Temple is here for the locals too! We have information on hidden gems, the best Instagram spots, places to play outdoors, things to do, new and upcoming businesses, and all the local restaurants. We are here for you to impress your friends and family when they visit. 

This is your one-stop shop to make sure your weekends are full of adventure, your calendar is busy, your dining is one-one-a-kind, and your company friendly. 

Explore our historic downtown featuring unique architecture, shopping, live entertainment, locally owned restaurants, exciting night life, great museums…


10 Things To Do in Downtown Temple

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A Dog's Guide To Temple

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Ranch Round Up

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Ranch dressing is more than just a condiment; it is a crucial part of many dishes. Its perfect blend of flavors makes it a great accompaniment to pizza, wings, fries…