Welcome To Our Selfie Trail!

Discover Temple has put together a list of all the best photo ops you need to fill your Instagram feed. Whether you're a local, visiting, or treating yourself to a lowkey weekend away, we've got the picture-worthy photo ops you've been waiting for. Get ready to discover Temple through murals and attractions on this selfie trail. 

Treno Mural

One of the most photographed locations in Temple, the Treno mural is a vibrant art piece that tells the story of two Downtown Temple businesses, Treno Pizzeria & Taproom and First Street Roasters. Featuring a slice of pizza, coffee, vibrant colors, and catchy statements, we can't get enough of this downtown mural. Don't forget to say "cheese" as you smile big for this fun display.

Helados La Azteca

Helados La Azteca is a local ice cream and specialty shop focusing on authentic Mexican treats and tasty snacks. The local business features several cute murals and photo ops. This mural is located on the building at 11 E Ave B in Downtown Temple. Make life sweet by snapping a photo of this new mural.

Bon Voyage at The Santa Fe Depot

The beautiful and historic trains outside of the Santa Fe Depot are reminders of Temple's rich history featuring the railroad. Say bon voyage and snap a photo waving out of the caboose of one of these trains for a fun photo op!

Bold Republic Brewing

Bold Republic Brewing is a local business that we love! They offer craft brews, a family-friendly atmosphere, and plenty of activities. They've expanded with a new wine-tasting area on the premises, adding to the mural scene in West Temple. With indoor and outdoor murals for photo opportunities, Bold Republic is perfect for Instagram selfies.

Rockin' Ramen

The mural inside Rockin' Ramen is a comic and pop art style design that you simply must pose with. Enjoy some ramen and snap a selfie of your best ramen "slurp face" with this gorgeous mural in the back.

Main Street Courtyard

It's not just another brick in the wall. Whether you strike a pose or keep your selfie game strong, this backdrop will give your photos a pop of color. With character and charm, this pink wall at the Main Street Courtyard provides the perfect setting for any iconic selfie. 

The Hidden Mural Behind The Hub

This local mural is a hidden gem. Located in the alley behind The Hub, this bright and whimsical mural is full of color. Take a selfie with gorgeous pastels and flowers.

Jeremiah's Italian Ice

Who doesn't love a good soft serve ice cream or Italian ice? Jeremiah's Italian Ice in West Temple has delicious treats to try. While there take a photo with the mural located inside the storefront. 

Extraco Mural

This downtown mural on the side of the Extraco building features some gorgeous designs of Texas heritage and Temple's love of football and traditions. Put on your best boots and snap a photo with the artistic details and designs represented in this mural.

Chalk Ridge Falls

Chalk Ridge Falls is a gorgeous park located just outside of Temple. This scenic, picturesque location is well worth visiting. Hike to the waterfall, pose under the running water, or make the trek to the suspension bridge for incredible photos and videos. Challenge yourself to get across and stop midway for your friends to snap a shot of you on a swinging bridge above the water at Chalk Ridge Falls. 

Thai Cafe - West

We want boba! This fun mural features boba tea with tapioca pearls. Boba tea is a Thai-style treat that we can't get enough of. Naturally, it only makes sense that you take a photo with this gorgeous design after buying a delicious drink.

All Aboard The Art Train

This beautiful art project is a fun way to discover the downtown district and learn more about the community of Temple. The art trains can be found in front of or near local businesses and attractions. Each one tells its own unique story. Find all the art trains scattered around the downtown district and show us your favorite art train.

The Fountains At Santa Fe Plaza

The fountains are great fun for all ages, but did you know they make for great photos too? Take pictures with the fountains in the afternoon glow or wait until later to see the fountains shift colors and light up.

SunGlo Feed Mural

There's nothing quite like sunshine to brighten the day! This mural has been around for 100 years! The mural has undergone recent touch-ups that have helped it shine again. Stop by this mural for a vibrant red and yellow art piece that provides the perfect contrast to your trendy outfit of the day. 

Love You So Matcha at Cha Community

This adorable mural is located just outside Cha Community's entrance in downtown Temple. There's so matcha to love about it! The mural features artwork depicting matcha boba tea and the words "Love you so matcha." The mural was painted by local artist @designswithjamie. We can't wait to see all of your cute photos taken at this local mural. 

Buc-ee's Beaver Statue 

Say cheese! The Beaver statue at Buc-ee's is a tourist gem. Texans' love for Buc-ee's is endless and for a good reason. What's not to love about the cute beaver mascot and all the delicious snacks? Take a look at all the different things you can find at a Buc-ee's and stop for a picture with the statue or the mascot himself, who can sometimes be spotted at the store.

Belton Lake Mural

A larger-than-life mural painted on the side of Belton Lake Dam. The mural features an aquatic theme with a diver figure welcoming visitors to Belton Lake. Head to Miller Springs Nature Center for an easy route to the mural. 

Main Street Design & Consign

This mural located in Downtown Temple features a gorgeous blue bird and an intricate sign post that is reflected on both sides of the building. Snap a photo at this beautiful mural for a great photo op in the downtown district.

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