Looking to have a nice, relaxing day out on the lake? Belton Lake offers visitors 12,385 acres of freshwater and lakeside breezes. With this great lake, visitors will feel like they’re in their own world as they cruise around on a boat or jet ski.  Renting a boat has never been so easy. With several rental companies, marinas, and lake access points, Bell County has plenty of opportunities to find a boat rental and all the equipment needed to safely and happily cruise around the lake. Find the perfect swimming locations as you cruise the waters or find the hidden waterfall and other scenic gems. Get ready for some fun in the sun and discover Belton Lake and Stillhouse Hollow today.


Located in the expansive region of Central Texas, Bell County is home to Belton Lake, Stillhouse Hollow Lake, and the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area (B.L.O.R.A.).  These lakes are easily…


With several lakes in the area, Central Texas is the perfect getaway spot for professional and causal fisherman. For anyone who likes this recreational activity,