The Great Outdoors of Temple

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One of the most important things about the summer months is finding exciting, adventurous ways to spend the days. And what better adventure is there than exploring the outdoors and all it has to offer? Often, we find ourselves in a traveling mood to see the sights, enjoy the sun, and get outdoors. Here in Temple, we have access to many vibrant and beautiful landscapes. 

Between the trails, Belton Lake, and the parks, Temple has the outdoor experience you have been searching for.

Relaxing Days At The Lake

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Lake Belton provides the perfect setup for calming waves lapping along the bank, picturesque sunsets, and a comforting outdoor temperature. This man-made lake is its own Central Texas paradise. Relax under the sun's warmth as you listen to the gentle waves, grab an ice-cold drink, and splash into the water. Though not your typical beach setting, you can find comfort and relaxation at the BLORA (Belton Lake Outdoor Recreational Area) and various parks surrounding the lake. The expansive area of the BLORA has access to riding trails, paintball, a climbing wall, and a swimming pool. This recreational area also has its own beach, known as Sierra Beach, where you can swim, enjoy the water, and have a beach day the central Texas way. Check the BLORA website for reservations and more information. Along with this lake setting, Cedar Ridge Park and Westcliff Park are also located along the water and have the perfect space to picnic, grill, and spend time with friends. 

Into The Woods

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Another great way to spend time outdoors is to go on a nature walk and check out a few local trails. Pepper Creek walking trail is a beautiful mixture of wooded and open trail scenery. This trail is also on the same grounds as the disc golf course at Crossroads Park. With charming bridges and stunning waterfalls, this trail is truly something special. Walking through the Pepper Creek area, you could see several wildlife species in the fields. This includes field rabbits, lizards, and deer. The site is gorgeous, and you will be at peace in all the surrounding nature. An excellent tip for the outdoorspeople: if you are going to walk the trails, go earlier in the day or later in the evening to beat the heat and enjoy the walk.

Miller Springs Nature Center also has trails to hike, bike, or walk the dogs. The landscape provides a picture-worthy backdrop for all your activity needs. With walking trails and diverse environmental scenery, Miller Springs is a nature destination you are sure to love. Another fantastic park with trails is Chalk Ridge Falls. Take your pets for a walk and marvel at this scenic area. You can also bird watch, scope out the local flowers, and look at the outdoor natural features like the cave and waterfalls. 

Playgrounds, Splash Pads, & Neighborhood Parks

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Another fantastic option to consider is going to local parks with playgrounds and splash pads! This is a great way to pass the time on a summer afternoon for families with young children. Several exceptional parks here in Temple include Lions Park, Miller Park, Jaycee Park, and West Temple Park. These parks are only a handful of the vast list of parks Temple has to offer. For a complete list of parks, visit Temple Parks.

Miller Park, Jaycee Park, and West Temple Park have splash pads for children. The parks also have walking trails, playgrounds, and outdoor sports areas such as soccer fields, baseball fields, and basketball courts. Whistle Stop Park’s train-themed attractions are always fun for the children. The kids can pretend to be train conductors and engineers, letting their imaginations run wild on this lively playground. Another fun park to play at is Optimist Park. This neighborhood park is dinosaur themed. Take a ride on the wild side with this Jurassic, pre-historic-themed park. 

Camping In Style

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Moreover, if you are in the mood for an authentic outdoor experience, try your hand at camping. A few examples of places to camp include Live Oak Ridge Park, Cedar Ridge Park, Stillhouse Park, and Temple Lake Park. You can find picnic spots, campgrounds, water access points, trails, and pavilions in these areas. Roast s’mores by the campground fire pits, swim in the lake access points, or hike the terrain to explore the area further. With so many camping areas throughout Bell County, there are plenty of different sites and surroundings to see.

At Stillhouse Park camping sites, renting one of the campgrounds is $40 per day. Both sites have water and electricity hookups, and pets are allowed. This setup is perfect for an outdoor adventure with the family. Or, for millennials interested in a weekend camping trip with their beloved four-legged friends, grab a hammock and camping gear with all your pet supplies and enjoy a weekend away with your pet. Another fantastic camping option is the Turkey Roost Campground, located in Cedar Ridge Park. This campground has horseshoe pits, is close to the water, and has RV hookups for anyone traveling with a motor home or travel trailer. Enjoy an overnight stay on the lake with walking trails, outdoor sports activities, and a magnificent view. 

The Great Temple Outdoors

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Temple has a lot of beautiful areas to explore. The city is rich in nature, parks, and trails. With a large selection, you will surely find an activity you love in the great outdoors here in Temple. Outdoor activities are perfect for families, couples, and those who love to travel with their pets. What are you waiting for? Check Out Temple’s Parks and Recreation for more information to book, plan, and find the perfect spot for your next outdoor adventure.