National Road Trip Day

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National Road Trip Day is defined as the official kickoff to summer travel plans. Many Americans from all over the country utilize the extra time off from the long weekend to visit friends and family while paying tribute to the soldiers who have served for our country. Why not embark on an epic road trip in celebration of National Road Trip Day? Whether you choose to take this long weekend or head out for a day trip, Discover Temple has road trip insights you won't want to miss. 

Location Is Everything

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With its proximity to major highways, Temple has become a hub for travelling visitors. Located just off I-35, visitors can get to and from Waco, Austin, and Fort Hood with ease. Temple's downtown district is less than 2 miles from I-35 enabling visitors the perfect opportunity to take a road trip detour and experience Temple through its ever-changing and thriving downtown district. Check out our local restaurants and attractions to discover businesses you won't find anywhere else. With the renovations and developments happening in downtown you never know what great businesses will open which sparks intrigue to all those who pass through our growing city. With a food truck plaza, vendor-based shopping center, fine dining, gourmet pizzas and burgers, and the Santa Fe Plaza, you'll love this detour.

Let's Go For A Drive

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Take the road less traveled by. Temple has a centralized location ideal for those passing through looking for unique businesses, things to do, and sights to see. With convenient access to major highways, Temple is the perfect pit stop to any road trip. Why not stay awhile and take a scenic tour through our fascinating destination rich in history. The Historic Residential Driving Tour is the perfect activity for a cruise around town. This self-guided tour takes visitors through Temple's historic district and the many homes of Temple settlers that have played a key role in crafting the city you see today.

Stock Up On Road Trip Essentials at Buc-ee's

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You never want to worry about running out of gas when you're on a road trip in the middle of nowhere. Plan ahead and stop at a nearby gas station prior to leaving for your trip. You may want to stop along the way to check out scenic routes, historic markers, or tourist attractions so why not be prepared. Our friendly neighborhood  Buc-ee's is the perfect gas station to fill up the fuel tank AND stop for deliciously tasteful snacks and beverages. Buc-ee's has everything you could possibly need for the road trip ahead. It also happens to be its own tourist attraction. Stop at Temple's Buc-ee's to mark this location off your bucket list. 

Our Favorite Temple Road Trip Photo Ops

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The Hub Mural:

This hidden gem is a local secret. The mural is located in the alley behind The Hub and is filled with colors and shapes. Enjoy the vibrant colors as you discover this secret art feature that only the locals know about.

Temple Wildcat Statue:

Cruise down 31st St. and head to the roundabout outside of Temple High to see a 15-ft statue of the high school's mascot, the wildcat. This impressive statue can be viewed from I-35 and showcases the pride the high schoolers and teachers have for their local school.

Buc-ee's Statue:

The beaver statue at Buc-ee's is one of the most iconic road trip photo opportunities. When you drive through Temple, its should come as no surprise that you're practically expected to take a photo with this goofy, fun-natured statue. 

The Courtyard:

The Courtyard on S. Main St. has a subtle pink wall that provides a lovely background for your shopping, outfit, and all-around adorable shots. Showcase your Temple finds and pose at this wall for a photo worthy of your social media accounts.

Santa Fe Depot: 

Snap a photo on the trains behind the Santa Fe Depot. Take a step back in time and pose for your best bon voyage adventure photo.


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Memorial Day Travels

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With a three-day weekend ahead, its time to start planning your road trip to Temple. Memorial Day is an observed holiday to honor those that have served and fought for our country. It also coincidentally happens to be one of the busiest travel weekends of the year with many families taking advantage of the extra day to get out of town and spend time with their loved ones. If you find yourself in Temple or traveling to Temple this weekend, there's plenty of activities to enjoy with the family. 

Visitors and locals can rent a boat and head out on Belton Lake for a day in the sun and on the water. Splash around in the lake and discover the hidden waterfall, fishing spots, and family fun. Families can also stop by any of the parks to play, hike or bike, and have a picnic. Temple's water park, Lions Junction Family Water Park, will also be open this weekend for the holiday before opening for the season beginning June 4th. With a lazy river, slides, splash pads, concession stands and more, your family is sure to have a great day at this water park. Other activities around town include disc golf at Crossroads Park, bowling at Spare Time, jumping around at Xtreme Jump Adventure Park, and skating at Wheels Family Skating Center