National Disc Golf Day

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Soar into summer on National Disc Golf Day. National Disc Golf Day takes place on the first Saturday in August. Take a moment to get outdoors and learn a new recreational sport, or for seasoned disc golf enthusiasts, play a few rounds and practice for upcoming tournaments. Bring your own discs and come out to one of the many disc golf courses that Temple has to offer. Whether you are an experienced player or a casual first-timer, this recreational activity is fun for everyone!

Crossroads Disc Golf Course

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Crossroads Disc Golf Course is located in the Crossroads Recreational Complex at 1020 Research Parkway. This course is one of the newest disc golf courses built in Temple. The course was established in 2019. The course has twenty-seven holes to play with mixed terrain such as open flatland and wooded areas. The mixture of scenery creates a fun challenge for even the most experienced players. 

Player Tip: Watch out for the heavily-wooded areas. The abundance of trees and the creek that runs through a few of the holes can be tricky to navigate. It is not uncommon to lose a disc or two on this course. The extra obstacles in the way can make the course more challenging; however, the added difficulty also makes the game more fun. On top of that, when you make it through the course with all your discs intact, there’s a new sense of accomplishment and pride. 

This disc golf course is comprised of twenty par three holes and seven par fours. To break even on this course with a perfect par, players will need to score eighty-eight. Between the extensive amount of trees, creek crossings, and the connection through Pepper Creek Walking Trail, the course provides an excellent challenge for players of all skill levels!

Lions Park

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Located at 4320 Lions Park Road, this disc golf course was established in 2005. The Lions Park Disc Golf Course terrain is moderately hilly and wooded. There are twenty-one holes on this course with sixteen being par threes. To break even on this course, players will need to score a total par of sixty-five. The course is a great option for anyone who wants to play for a few hours, have a great time, and experience different course terrains.  

Additionally, if travelling in a group with other people that aren’t keen on disc golf, you can play the course while they check out a few of the park’s other amenities. Lions Park has playgrounds, softball fields, and hiking/biking trails. For players who want to bring their beloved four-legged companions, Lions Park is also home to the Central Texas Bark Park. Your pet will love being outdoors by your side as you disc golf, but they will enjoy it even more when they see the wonderful dog park located on the grounds. Play this recreational sport in rounds of seven and take your dog to the Bark Park for a break before heading back out, or play through the course and let your pet play after. Lions Park is an excellent stop for disc golf and a variety of other activities.

South Temple Park

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Located at 5000 South 5th St, this course is another fantastic option to play through for through. This local course is also referred to as 5th Street Disc Golf Course. The South Temple Park is an 18-hole course featuring lightly wooded terrain and mostly flat surfaces. Six of the holes pass through or around the creek located in the middle of the park. To break even on this course, players will need to end with a score of 58. With par threes and par fours, this course is great for players travelling solo or in a group.

Heritage Park

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Heritage Park located in Belton was established in 2019. This course has eighteen holes and a mixed terrain. Some of the disc golf hole span across the park’s large flatlands and stretch along the Leon River. Other holes on the course are nestled in the woods and prove to be a challenge for any disc golfer. Break even with a final score of sixty on this course. This course is also PDGA-approved and hosts tournaments throughout the year. 

May The Course Be With You

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Whether you are a beginner, a novice, or a professional, the courses located in Bell County are fun and challenging. Disc golf is a sport that can be enjoyed alone or in a group. With an excellent range of courses in both terrain and length, there are several options for avid disc golf enthusiasts to test out. Let your discs take flight and enjoy the many courses Bell County has to offer.