Let's Taco 'Bout It

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The Best Local Taco Spots In Temple

It's Taco Tuesday! The great debate of soft vs. crunchy and flour vs. corn can be set aside for the night so long as you're prepared to enjoy delicious tacos on a special occasion. If Taco Tuesday isn't in your weekly routine, it's time to add this delicious meal to the lineup. Celebrate National Taco Day with local restaurants and their variety of incredible tacos and flavors.

El Taco Jalisco

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What's in a name? With a name like El Taco Jalisco, you're pretty much guaranteed a tasty taco or two when hunger strikes. Stop by El Taco Jalisco to order a few tacos on your next drive through the city. Choose from barbacoa tacos with cilantro and onions or carne guisada tacos. 

Tres Magueyes

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At Tres Magueyes Cantina & Grill, a variety of tacos is waiting for you. Order a set of mini tacos with your choice of meat, onions, cilantro, lemons, and charro beans. Taco entree options include beef fajita, pastor (marinated pork), stewed beef, barbacoa, charbroiled, chicken fajita, or ground beef.

This is what dreams are made of. A customizable taco platter with everything you want and nothing you don't? Sign me up! Taco Town is a locally owned business that is a short drive away in Belton and offers some of the best tacos in Bell County. Order customizable soft tacos with all the fillings you could imagine. Enjoy steak, barbacoa, picadillo, or chicken. Vegetarian? Skip the meat and add vegetables and refried beans. Whether you enjoy spicy tacos, all the vegetables you can get, or queso galore, Taco Town has all that and more.

Food Trucks

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Los Compadres Street Tacos 

Street tacos are an essential food item you need to try. Los Compadres Street Tacos is a local food truck that will give you plenty of reason to keep coming back for more of this delicious meal. With various meat options, spices, sauces, and fillings, there’s an array of excellent menu items to choose from at Los Compadres Street Tacos.

Taqueria Mi Lindo Nayarit

Enjoy a taste of authentic Mexican tacos from this food truck located in downtown Temple. Stop by The Yard Food Truck Plaza to enjoy an assortment of taco options. 


This food truck travels around Bell County and offers some incredible options. Check out Lupita's Facebook page to see where they'll be next so you can grab a bite to eat and savor the tacos.

Estella's Food

Another excellent food truck option, Estella's, serves delicious tacos that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. 


Arusha Coffee & Tea

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Arusha Coffee & Tea is located a short drive away in Belton. Though Arusha is a coffee and tea shop, it's also known to the locals as offering some delicious tacos. Catch them at certain times throughout the week for specials that will make it hard to pass up the opportunity to try a taco. For breakfast, order the Oui Taco. The Oui Taco features a corn tortilla with egg, spinach, cheese, and mixed potatoes. For lunch or dinner, stop by and try a Sha Taco. Enjoy bulgogi beef, St. Shrooms, the N. East Taco, Tikka Maharaja, Southwest, Mardi Gras, and much more. There are so many taco options to try; you'll keep returning to this local favorite for another taste. 

Tapa Tapas

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At Tapa Tapas you can have tacos for any meal of the day. Enjoy breakfast tacos, a variety of taco options for lunch and dinner, or order a set of mini tacos. Tapa Tapas also offers lunch and dinner plate that includes three soft tacos and rice and beans. 

Taco Were Meant For More Than Tuesdays

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Whether you choose to take part in Taco Tuesday meals or enjoy tacos any night of the week, you won't be disappointed with the local options found right here in Bell County. Did we miss any of your favorite local taco restaurants? Let us know your favorite restaurant and the tacos you can't resist!