Freshness of Farmers Markets

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We have reached the time of year when the Texas weather is heating up and events and outdoor activities are in full swing. Temple’s visitors can expect to see several farmers' markets pop up throughout the destination. Whether you are looking for fresh produce, jarred salsas and jams, local crafts, and homemade soaps, or something else, you will be surprised by the diverse products and foods you can find at one of our local market days. Between Temple and other regional cities, visitors can make exploring farmers' markets an all-day, family event. There’s no better time to explore the outdoors than through an early morning market. With an abundance of farmers in Bell County, it comes as no surprise that farmers' markets are a summer staple. The local farmers, bakers, and crafters come together to sell their home-grown and homemade goods.  If you long for a day full of shopping and supporting county farmers, Temple is the place to be this farm-fresh season.

Temple Farmers Markets

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The West Temple Park Farmer’s Market will host market days on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 AM to 12 PM. Located at 121 Montpark Road, this market location is off of West Adams behind Temple Fire Station #7. This market is a much-needed stop on your tour of Bell County’s best farmers' markets.  The frozen food sitting at home doesn’t sound quite as appetizing with the variety of local options mere steps away. Rich in flavor and fresh off the farm, locally grown produce is the real treat at these market days. 

The Downtown Temple Farmers Market offers another great opportunity to sample your soon-to-be favorite local farmers’ fruits and vegetables.  This special event is typically held on the second Saturday of each month in the City Hall Parking Lot. Halvorson's Hidden Harvest also has a shop where they sell salsas, jams, farm-fresh eggs, and vegetables. This local farm also has animals and a sunflower field. The store is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 AM to 5 PM or by appointment. The Farmery, located at 3897 Apple Cider Road, also provides homegrown fruits and vegetables. Find the perfect produce for you at one of these great local farms.

These farmers' markets provide a lovely escape from a busy work week with a morning filled with shopping and local treats.  Summer days are for making memories, soaking up a little vitamin D, and taking the day easy. What is the secret to taking care of all three of these checkpoints in one activity? Stopping by a local farmers market.  You can enjoy the outdoors in addition to casually strolling around the booths overflowing with produce with unique flavors and aromas. With their assortment of home-grown produce, crafts, and savory snacks, the local farmers' markets are sure to leave you feeling content and anxiously awaiting the next one.

Belton Farmers Markets

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Along with the farmers markets held in Temple, market days have picked up in the surrounding cities of Belton and Salado. Located just a short drive away, these farmers markets keep the excitement fresh and provide a change of scenery with new locations and vendors. Belton Market Days take place every quarter. 

Salado Farmers Markets

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Located less than a half-hour away, Barrow Brewing Co. is continuing with their market days. Barrow Brewing Co. Market is open for the season from April through September. These events are held on Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM. What’s more, the adults in your group can stop in and sample some local craft beers as you walk around, enjoy the day, and see what the vendors have to offer.

Rogers and Troy Farmers Markets

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Located in Rogers, the Central Texas Farmers Market is held on Monday, May 29, from 9 AM to 3 PM. This farmers market is a semi-annual event and boasts over 40 vendors. With activities for everyone, the Central Texas Farmers Market is the perfect family-friendly event. One activity the children will enjoy is learning about the bees found on the Walker Honey Farm

The Central Texas Farmers Market also offers raffle drawings for prizes as an incentive when you make purchases at vendor booths. Participating vendor purchases grant you a raffle ticket toward prize drawings that happen throughout the day. For pet owners who want to spend the day with their four-legged friends, the Walker Honey Farm also allows leashed dogs on the grounds. This special event will be the talk of the county for the remainder of the season.

For those wanting to support small-town farmers, the city of Troy hosts a market day that gives visitors the opportunity to shop local while sticking to a smaller scale. This farmers market is located at 201 E Main St. in Troy and occurs on the first Saturday of each month from April to August. Though on the smaller side compared to some of the bigger markets in the area, this market boasts friendly vendors as well as plenty of arts and crafts to see.

Farmers Markets Are a Must-See Event

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Market days are truly a joyful experience. Visitors can take pride in the fact that they are helping to support local farmers and small businesses.  Farmers' markets allow visitors the opportunity to spend the day surrounded by the delicious smell of locally grown produce and enrich themselves in the flavors that commercial quality products can’t quite replicate. With many cities in the Bell County area participating in hosting farmers market events, there are enough markets to sightsee and participate in for the duration of the season. Enjoy your weekends with a day in the sun and a taste of Temple.