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In a world of road trips and travel, there are few things more important than the snacks you decide to pack. Each person has a unique craving for something delicious. Some people prefer the sweet and tart flavors of candy; others, the tangy and salty treat of award-winning crunchy morsels.  To truly experience road trip travel to its fullest effect, travelers must find the nearest Buc-ee’s to try everything they can think of to prepare for the drive ahead. Whether your next destination is five minutes or five hours away, this outstanding travel and convenience store is sure to have your new favorite snack stocked on the shelves. Discover the perfect travel snacks at Temple's Buc-ee's.

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a Buc-ee’s, you know the candy wall always immediately catches your eye. This large, fully stocked wall of delicious, sweet goodness is a happiness-inducing display. For fans of chewy, gummy candies, the great wall of candy is stocked and loaded with every gummy you can imagine. From gummy sharks to gummy sodas, all the way to the original gummy bears, Buc-ee’s has the assortment you didn’t know you needed.

If you are an avid chocolate lover who craves all things milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate, look no further than Buc-ee’s for the largest, grandest display of chocolate goodness the world of travel has ever seen. With items such as chocolate-covered mixed nuts and peanut butter cups to chocolate bark and chocolate truffles, it’s no wonder the tourists rave about this place. Stop by Buc-ee’s to try a unique chocolate candy that will leave you feeling happy and satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

For a southern comfort sweet treat, stop by the fudge counter for a sugary, melt-in-your-mouth confection. Buc-ee’s boasts a variety of fudge flavors. From blueberry cheesecake and M&M to red velvet and birthday cake. There are so many flavors to choose from.  And for those who can’t quite decide on a flavor, try a fudge sampler pack. These packs give you the opportunity to sample several different flavors and find a favorite.  For more sweet treats, visit the chilled food medians and grab a banana pudding cup.  Banana pudding is a comfort food that never goes out of style. With wafer cookies, pudding, and real bananas, this treat feels like home.

Fans of salty and sweet snacks will enjoy fresh candied pecans, cashews, and mixed nuts. These cinnamon sugar, roasted nuts will leave your taste buds happy.

The Savory

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If you prefer your road trip snacks to be savory meat sticks and chews, look no further than the beef jerky wall. The possibilities are endless for finding your new favorite flavor. Looking for a fresh take on this treat? Stop by the food counter for a quick bite! Or, if you’re feeling extremely hungry, grab a hot sandwich for a lunchtime meal. Sandwiches come in a variety of meats like turkey, chopped and sliced brisket, chicken, and pork.

Another fantastic snack found at Buc-ee’s is the meat and cheese cups. This snack is as simple as it sounds, cubed meats and cheeses stuffed into a cup for easy transportability and a lot of deliciousness. Find your favorite cheeses like sharp and mild cheddar, or swiss.  Grab a packaged of pretzels for an extra salty kick.

The Saltiest

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Let’s face it, you can’t have sweets without the complimentary flavorings of your favorite salty snacks. It’s not a road trip without a dynamic duo of sweet and salty pairings. Buc-ee’s has its own line of baked potato chips that come in a variety of flavors to ensure that your salty cravings are satisfied. The saltine crackers are another great choice of snack that comes in a variety of flavors. Your taste buds will be on a whole new adventure with these delicious treats.

Don’t forget about the popcorn. Now, a plain, salted bag of popcorn is always a good choice, but at Buc-ee’s there’s so much more than just the original flavor. Popcorn can be sweet, spicy, or salty.  A must-try Buc-ee’s snack item is the white cheddar jalapeno popcorn. This popcorn has just enough of a spicy heat to leave you satisfied and is almost too good to be true. Stop in and grab a small bag or two, or if you’ve got a whole family of jalapeno popcorn lovers, grab a large bag for even more popcorn.

The Ultimate

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It goes without saying that Buc-ee's beloved beaver nuggets are the ultimate treat. There is nothing quite like the crunchy goodness that is the original, caramel-flavored nugget. These sweetened cornmeal nuggets are rich in flavor with a buttery, caramel taste that leaves Buc-ee’s visitors begging to go back in for another pack. Beaver nuggets won’t last long on your trip. Best to stock up on a couple more bags. Once you’re out, it's over.  No more crunchy, sweet deliciousness.  A few bags of beaver nuggets will make everyone in the car happy and ready for the big travel day ahead.

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