Geocache Me Outside

Our Guide To Geocaching In Temple

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a large-scale treasure hunt. This outdoor, family-friendly activity is fun for all ages to participate in. Geocaching involves utilizing the Geocaching app or heading to the website to seek out treasures hidden by other players. Treasure hunters will use the app or sign in online to seek out caches hidden around the city using the map and special hints and instructions from fellow geocachers.

What Is A Cache?

A cache is a physical container ranging in size from micro to large. Anyone can participate in geocaching for free; however, some caches are hidden from the free-to-play account because they are larger and may have a more rewarding prize. The caches have either a small hidden treasure or a logbook in which you can write your username or name down to show that you were one of the people who succeeded in finding the cache.

Where To Find Caches?

You can find caches hidden all over the city. Caches can be hidden in parks, iconic attractions, or the entrance to your favorite restaurant. Caches are everywhere. All you have to do is search your location in the app or online and watch the map populate with cache options you can try finding. How many caches will you find in Temple?

Follow The Rules

Go geocaching with a group so you can stay together and no one will get lost. After you've found a cache, put it back exactly where you found it so others can find it. Keep a pen on you so you can log your name at caches where a logbook is present. Caches can involve solving mysteries and riddles, making them more challenging and rewarding to find.

Explore Temple Like Never Before

You will see a completely different side of Temple as you explore and search for its hidden treasures. Stay safe and have fun as you participate in this fun outdoor activity with friends and family. Take a photo to capture the moment as you find the cache you were searching for. We can't wait to see all the hidden caches you find.

Tips & Tricks

#1: Keep an eye out for something that seems out of the ordinary. Geocaches typically come in containers that are out of place with their surroundings. 

#2: Geocaches can be disguised or camouflaged to resemble their surroundings. 

#3: Respect your surroundings and environment. Always put the cache back where you found it, and don't litter or disrespect the area.

#4: Always listen to cache directions and hints. Fellow players can also post comments and hints that benefit the player trying to find the cache.