World-Renowned Clydesdales

We've all seen the iconic Super Bowl commercials that depict heartfelt scenes typically involving the Budweiser beer, an adorable dog, and the Clydesdale horses. These horses have become iconic and known around the world for their stunning appearance and involvement in Budweiser campaigns. From their introduction to Budweiser in 1933 to present day, these horses have obtained the love of the people.

Horsing Around In Downtown Temple

The famous Budweiser Clydesdales are en route to Temple for a special parade held on April 15th.

The parade is provided by Jack Hilliard Distributing, the Budweiser distributing company for the area of Temple. This distributor brought the Clydesdale horses to Temple back in May of 2019. This upcoming event will mark the first trip the Budweiser Clydesdales have made to Downtown Temple since 2019. Discover Temple is excited to see these world-famous Clydesdales travel through our downtown district as visitors and locals gather around to watch. 

What to Expect

Ten horses travel in three 50-foot travel trailers along with the famous red, white, and gold Budweiser wagon. The horses and drivers of the wagon follow a specified route in which they make stops at some of the local businesses that sell Budweiser. Visitors can watch from the sidelines and gather near as the horses make their way through the downtown area. 

Parade Route

Beginning at 4 pm, the Budweiser trucks transporting the Clydesdales will arrive at the City Hall parking lot. The parade will start at 5 pm after the wagon has been set up and the horses are ready to go. From 5 pm to 8 pm, locals and visitors can watch from the sidewalks as the Clydesdales trot along the parade route. Businesses along the parade route are encouraged to provide seating and space for viewing the parade. Make sure to give the horses space as they travel along the downtown roads. Take photos and videos safely from the sidewalks and parking lots as you watch them pass by.

The parade will start at the City Hall where the Clydesdales will exit the parking lot onto Central Avenue and advance to 2nd Street. From there the Budweiser team and horses will make a brief stop at several of the downtown businesses. First, the team will stop in front of Bird Creek Burger Co. and O'Brien's Irish Pub. They will then make a right turn onto 2nd Street and stop at Green Door on Second, Pignetti's, and Nami Restaurant. The Clydesdales will then move towards East Avenue B where they will visit La Dalat, J Kowboy's, and Mo's Rail Yard Saloon. Making another right, the team will move to 1st Street and make stops at MexiKo Cafe, Treno Pizzeria & Taproom, and Fire Base Brewing Co before returning to the Municipal building parking lot. Upon returning, the Clydesdale horses will be loaded into their trucks and depart to their next destination. 

History in the Making

This special event in downtown Temple will be one you won't want to miss and will be the talk of the town for years to come. It's not every day that locals and visitors have the opportunity to see the Clydesdales gallantly trotting along in front of them.  Take a moment and spend an evening in downtown Temple viewing these iconic Budweiser horses. Experience Temple and the world-famous Clydesdales on April 15th. Be sure to tag your parade photos with #followthehitch & #downtowntempletx