National Travel & Tourism Week

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National Travel and Tourism Week takes place from May 1-7. National Travel and Tourism Week is an annual travel tradition in the United States. This tradition is a time to celebrate the value travel holds for our economy, local businesses, and destinations.

In honor of National Travel and Tourism Week, Discover Temple is hosting a new campaign, sharing blog posts to provide more opportunities for visitors to experience Temple, and sharing social media content to further show how remarkable our destination is. From Buc-ee's and Downtown Temple to 3 Texans Winery and Crossroads Park, Temple’s travel and tourism industry contributes greatly to our local economy and the spirit of our community. 

Facts & Impacts

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The travel and tourism industry is a critical driver of the Texas economy and one of the hardest hit industries from Covid-19. Travel is critical to powering our community and driving growth in our economy and our destination.

Discover Temple has launched a new destination website as well as a microsite showcasing Downtown Temple. Our website combined with the microsite gives visitors full access to all the amenities that make a trip to Temple attractive and easy to plan. Our new website focuses on providing information on local visitor-based businesses, events, and compelling experiences that make Temple a destination. The site also highlights the features and amenities that make Temple a viable location for meetings, conferences, tradeshows, sports events and tournaments. 

Prior to the pandemic Temple saw a steady economic growth based on Direct Travel Spending and Direct Tax Receipts generated by travel spending. The pandemic effect slowed and decreased that trajectory. For 2021, Temple’s recovery shows local double digit increases not only in visitor direct spending, but in visitor local direct tax receipts, state tax receipts and state visitor tax receipts. Temple's Total direct travel spending reached $161.4 million and showed an increase from 2020 of 24.2%.

People are traveling. While travel sentiment research shows the impact of inflation, gas prices and other economic factors will have an inevitable impact on travel with fewer road trips and decreased travel budgets, Americans are still prioritizing leisure travel. Many Americans report having three planned trips this year on average. Now is the time to Discover Temple.

The Impact of Incoming Groups

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Spring in Temple is proving to be not only a busy time of outdoor activities and events, but also a time when Temple welcomes a variety of conventions, tradeshows, tournaments and other events that mean visitor spending in our community. As we celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week, and the impact travel has on our community, we share that this week alone three upcoming group events will bring hundreds to the city to utilize our premiere facilities, spend money in our community, and discover what makes Temple truly special.

The National Model Railroad Association will host their Regional Convention at the Frank W. Mayborn Civic & Convention Center May 5 – 7. Their activities include clinics, displays, a silent auction, exploring train-watch locations, and non-rail activities such as lunch in the community and a local winery tour. This group’s economic impact includes 226 hotel room nights, facility rental and catering, and any other ancillary spending while in our community. The economic impact to the destination is estimated to be $51,076.

The Premiere Events USA 7-on-7 Football Tournament will be at Korompai Soccer Complex on May 7 and 8. The tournament organizer expects between 25 and 50 teams to be in Temple for this second tournament in a series of three. It is estimated the group will take up to 50 room nights in addition to other expenditures while in Temple. This is the second year the group has hosted tournaments in Temple. The visitor spending of this tournament could be $94,500.   

The South Texas Youth Soccer Association (STYSA) Director’s Cup State Finals will be in Temple and Crossroads Park May 7 and 8. The Association has announced that 67 teams will compete with an average of 18 players per team. This major sports tournament brings approximately 2,000 visitors to utilize our outdoor recreation facilities and is estimated to generate over 500 room nights. This tournament will bring organizers, coaches, players, and families who will spend money in area restaurants and at local attractions. The estimated spending impact to our community could be $252,000. The Association hosted a smaller tournament at Crossroads Park in 2021.

Travel and tourism is big business and important to Temple. For May 5 – 8 alone, the economic impact of groups and tournaments arriving in our city is estimated at $397,576. This does not include local and leisure events and festivals which only add to the impact and value of tourism.

Discover Your Temple

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With the launch of a new website, Discover Temple has been hard at work creating opportunities and building a world of information and experiences for visitors and locals alike. Our goal is to create experiences, showcase the wonderful things Temple has to offer, and to create a getaway that feels like home. With the events of recent years, it has become increasingly important to discover the city the way our locals do. Our campaign, Discover Your Temple, is geared towards promoting travel and tourism through local interaction and stories. We want to see how you experience Temple. In this campaign, locals and visitors have the chance to show us the fun-filled memories and picture-perfect snapshots of the things they love about Temple. Whether its the food, the murals, Instagram-worthy lakes and parks, or something new, we'd love to see your snapshots as you #DiscoverYourTemple.

Show Us How You Experience Temple

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Are you ready to show us how you experience Temple? Get out and explore the great outdoors, capture the moment as you make a trip out to Belton Lake, snap a few candid photos trying delicious food at our locally owned restaurants, or pose with the beaver statue at Buc-ee's. Take a moment to capture your candid memories and experiences in Temple today.