New Year, New Goals

The New Year is full of possibilities and opportunities to do something more, to live with more happiness than ever before, and the chance to make this year better than the last.  It has been a New Year’s tradition for many years to decide on your goals and make plans.  New Year’s Resolution’s are goals we want to make happen that on occasion we don’t work towards after the start of the New Year.  This year let’s make our goals and resolutions happen and work towards achieving them.  We’ve put together a list for you of some of the most common resolutions and how you can best achieve them.

Exercise More

It should come as no surprise that one of the top resolutions year to year is to exercise more and get fit.  It’s common to get a gym membership, perhaps some workout equipment for the house, and workout gear only to forgo this goal a week into the program.  Life gets busy and finding the time to workout always seems to escape up. This year make plans to set aside thirty minutes a day working on achieving this goal. Temple has plenty of gyms that you can stop by on your next trip through town or put your membership at your local Planet Fitness to use by stopping by Temple and Belton’s while you spend a few days in town. Want a local gym for all your fitness needs? Sign up for membership at Summit Recreation Center.

Want to find more entertaining ways to work out and achieve this goal?  Try some of our unique activities like goat yoga, Zumba, jazzercise, or join a workout group in Temple.  There are so many ways to work out and have fun doing it.  This year find your favorite way to workout and stick to it.

Learn a New Skill or Hobby

Learning a new skill can be good for both our mental and physical health.  There’s something truly satisfying about learning something new and continuing to grow in that new skill throughout the year. This year make it a goal to learn a new form of art, DIY crafts, woodworking, or something else that has always interested you. Start by attending a class or workshop. If no classes are available in the area research the best way to get started on the hobby you’re interested in.

For those looking to explore their artistic side, head to That Art Place in Belton, or attend a Painting With a Twist class in Temple.  Learn glassblowing at Salado Glassworks.  There are many excellent hobbies to try. Find the perfect one for you today.

Make Plans to Travel More

Its easy to get caught up in work and forget to venture out and see more of the world.  Start making plans to travel more on the weekends.  Temple is located 45 minutes from Austin, half an hour to Waco, two and a half hours from Dallas, San Antonio, and more.  With its central location it’s easy to start your trip in Temple and branch out to surrounding cities to get away for a day. Temple itself has plenty of fun attractions to try and things to do.  Don’t forget to stop at our Buc-ee’s to stock up on road trip necessities whether you’re staying or going.

The weekends are your time to fill with happy moments, memories, and fun things to do.  Its time to make travel a priority.  Start going on day trips or weekend escapades to give yourself a proper break from work.  Its good for both physical and mental health success to have a moment to do what you want and step away from the office on your time off.  Weekend trips are perhaps the easiest way to travel more and see sights and attractions you had never imagined before.

Start small and try to take a weekend trip or day trip once a month.  Traveling more will raise serotonin levels and give you something to look forward to after each work week!

Spend More Time With Family

Quality time with loved ones is an ever-present and important need.  A common New Year’s resolution is spending more time with family and friends. You don’t have to make it an extravagant activity to spend time together.

Temple has plenty of parks and trails that the family will love spending time exploring. Too cold to go outdoors? Take the family to one of Temple’s entertainment centers like the Xtreme Jump Adventure Park, Spare Time, or watch a movie at one of the fantastic cinemas in town. No matter what you decide to do, any time spent with family doing something each person can enjoy will be another opportunity to make memories the family will never forget.

Read More Books

The Temple Public Library has bookshelf upon bookshelf filled with books for all ages.  Whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction, romance, or adventure, this library has everything you need. With the ability to rent audiobooks and e-books in addition to physical copies, readers have an abundance of opportunities to read a book in every format.  Set a reading goal and read at least one book a month.  Reading can improve your mood, decrease stress, and enhance cognitive skills and comprehension.  Read more books, discover new characters to love.

Cook Something New Each Week

Cooking isn’t always the easiest task to accomplish.  Recreating recipes and knowing what to do in the kitchen isn’t always easy for everyone. Learn a new dish and make cooking more fun by taking a class at Over The Plate in Temple.  Sign up for a class or special event online and find a new love of cooking this year.  Cooking is much more fun when you can do it with another person or learn hands-on a new entrée or dessert you’ve always wanted to try.  Explore the upcoming classes and events at Over The Plate.

Support Local Restaurants

Start trying new things and when it comes to restaurants there’s no better place to start than with local businesses.  If you’ve always wanted to try the Indian restaurant down the street or the Mediterranean food truck, make it happen.  This year when you aren’t cooking a hearty meal for or with the family, opt to try a local restaurant you’ve never been to. Or, keep returning to a favorite one.  Local businesses always deserve our love. Share your favorite restaurants with friends and see the impact that supporting local can have on the economy.

Whatever you decide will be your goal for the  year, make the most of it.  Use  your New Year’s resolutions to explore more of what Temple has to offer.  Make this year your best one yet with travel, health, good fortune, and new skills.  2022 was made for you!