2021 Photo Contest Winners

2021 Winners From left to right: 2nd Place Winner, Annie O'Leary; 1st Place Winner, Jason Deckman; and 3rd Place Winner, Wes Albanese.

2019 Photo Contest Winners

1st Place Terry Rascoe Hawn & Arcadia, 2nd Place Terry Rascoe Santa Fe Depot & 3rd Place Jupe Feed Company Silos

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Architectural Appreciation

4th Annual Temple Community Treasures Visual Arts Contest

The Temple Main Street Program and Extreme Clean Company of Temple sponsor the 4th Annual Temple Community Treasures Visual Arts Contest. We are conducting this contest as part of Temple’s observance of National Preservation Month, which is May, and the contest's purpose is to draw community attention to the importance of protecting and preserving our historic buildings.

The contest sponsor, Extreme Clean of Temple, has agreed to pay out the following cash prizes directly to the contest winners:

     1st Place Prize of $300, 2nd Place Prize of $200, and 3rd Place Prize of $100

 All winners were honored and recognized in May 2022, which has been designated as National Preservation Month. The exhibit will travel to local museums and will be on display for 2 months at a time. The 30 photos and 7 paintings are currently on display at the  Bell County Museum in July and August and will finish the exhibition at the Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum in September. 

The Winners are as follows:

1st Place Photo - Seth Sysym 

2nd Place Photo - Annie O'Leary

3rd Place - Michael Maly


1st Place Painting - Kurt Ritterpusch

2nd Place Painting - David Clemons

3rd Place Painting - Melanie Stokes


For more information about the exhibit or contest, please call Temple Main Street Manager Dan Kelleher at (254) 298-5378 or e-mail him at dkelleher@templetx.gov.

2022 Contest Winners

2022 Temple Community Treasures Winners From left to right: Melanie Stokes, Kurt Ritterpusch, David Clemons, and Seth Sysum.  Annie O’Leary and Michael Maly are not pictured.