2021 Photo Contest Winners

2021 Winners From left to right: 2nd Place Winner, Annie O'Leary; 1st Place Winner, Jason Deckman; and 3rd Place Winner, Wes Albanese.

2019 Photo Contest Winners

1st Place Terry Rascoe Hawn & Arcadia, 2nd Place Terry Rascoe Santa Fe Depot & 3rd Place Jupe Feed Company Silos

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Architectural Appreciation

5th Annual Temple Community Visual Arts Exhibit

The Temple Main Street Program sponsors the 5th Annual Temple Community Treasures Visual Arts Contest and the 2nd Annual Temple Community Treasures Painting Contest. We are conducting this contest as part of Temple’s observance of National Preservation Month, which is May, and the contest's purpose is to draw community attention to the importance of protecting and preserving our historic buildings.

The exhibit of the works of dozens of local photographers and painters as they explore, through their respective mediums, the historic buildings of Temple. This exhibit will be displayed at the Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum during September and October. It is part of Temple's community observance of National Preservation Month that focuses community attention on the importance of preserving historic buildings.

Temple Visual Arts Exhibit Schedule

Czech Heritage Museum - May & June

Bell County Museum - July & August

Railroad & Heritage Museum - Sept & Oct

Temple Community Treasure Winners 2023

5th Annual Temple Community Treasures Photo Contest Winners

First Place Photo Terry Rascoe - Arcadia & Hawn
Second Place Photo Kelly Trietsch Atkinson - Raply and Sunny Wilson Home
Third Place Photo Kelly Trietsch Atkinson - Old Silos at Jupe Feed

2nd Annual Temple Community Treasures Painting Contest Winners

First Place Painting Marie Brooks Hogan - Historic Post Office
2nd Place Painting Frank Gabriel - View Up Main Street Toward the Kyle
3rd Place Painting Kurt Ritterpusch - Jupe Downtown Granary
Honorable Mention Carl Canga - Temple City Hall South Door
Honorable Mention Sheron Driessner - First Methodist Church
Honorable Mention David Clemons - Santa Fe Hosptial 
Honorable Mention Lea Goates - Arcadia 


Temple Community Treasures Painting Submissions

View this year's painting submissions in our gallery below. Scroll over each photo for more information including the artist and price. For questions about purchasing a piece please contact Dan Keheller. 

 All winners will be honored and recognized during May which has been designated as National Preservation Month, and contest organizers will work with local museums to have the top 20 paintings displayed as part of an exhibit. All entrants hereby agree for their paintings to be used in such public displays and they understand that only the 20 best paintings as determined by the contest judge will be compiled into an exhibit that will be displayed at local museums. Even if a painting sells, it will not be returned to the artist for distribution to the buyer until the end of the public display period unless it is not among the 20 top paintings selected for public display, in which case it will be promptly returned to its owner.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!


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                                                                                              Susan Sterle Fine Art Studio

1st Place Winner

2nd Annual Temple Community Treasures Painting Contest

Marie Brooks Hogan

Historic Post Office $500


1st Place Winner Marie Brooks Hogan



1st Place Winner

5th Annual Temple Community Treasures Photo Contest

Terry Rascoe

Arcadia Theatre E. Central Ave1st Place Winner

All photographs & paintings submitted will be used in public displays for not more than six months – May-October and photographers should participate in this contest at their own risk. Neither the City of Temple, nor any other contest sponsor will be held responsible for lost or damaged photos or frames. The photographs/paintings will be returned to the contest entrants when these public displays have concluded. Contestants will be called and/or E-mailed about collecting their photograph(s). If repeated attempts are made to contact the artist and the artist fails to respond, the Temple Main Street Program reserves the right to dispose of any unclaimed contest entries. Also, by submitting a photo or painting, contestants give the City of Temple permission to use that photo in promotions. Such photos may be posted publically on Facebook or other social media, in print material, and/or public or private TV broadcasts.

For more information about the exhibit or contest, please call Temple Main Street Manager Dan Kelleher at (254) 298-5378 or e-mail him at dkelleher@templetx.gov.

Digital Temple Community Treasures Photography Winner

Congrats to Shawna Sullivan!


The Digital Temple Community Treasures Photography Winner is Shawna Sullivan! 


Digital Temple Community Treasures Photography Submissions


Dan Kelleher

Dan Kelleher Main Street Manager

Dan Kelleher is the Main Street Manager and part of the Destination Marketing Division of the City Of Temple Communication & Marketing Department. Dan has been a part of the city for many years and plays a vital role in the continued success of the ever-growing downtown district. Each year Dan Kelleher promotes the Imagine The Possibilities tour in downtown Temple.