Independence Day in Temple

History of Independence Day

Independence Day is a time of celebration and joy. On July 4th, 1776, The United States of America gained its independence.  America was officially able to make its own decisions, take care of its people, and celebrate the American dream. Today, we celebrate with fireworks, get-together’s, and parades in honor of this significant, joyous event in history.

Fun Facts

How much do you really know about Independence Day? Let’s look at a few fun facts about this national holiday to help us get in the mood for celebrating. To honor the original 13 states, the liberty bell – located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – rings 13 times on July 4th. Collectively, Americans spend over $1 billion on fireworks each year. Thomas Jefferson, the main author of the Declaration of Independence, was one of three presidents who signed the declaration that have died on July 4th.  The other two presidents are John Adams and James Monroe. Another interesting fact is that Independence Day did not become a federal holiday until 1870. This was nearly a hundred years after America won its independence. For more fun facts on July 4th, check out this exciting list.

City of Temple Celebrations

There will be a special Independence Family Day celebration at the Railroad and Heritage Museum on saturday, July 3rd. Kids will enjoy doing patriotic crafts and have the opportunity to learn about some of the influential people that helped inspire the American Revolution. The event is free and takes place from 10 am – 1 pm.  From 2 pm- 3:30 pm on July 4th, locals can participate in the 4th of July Scooter Scavenger Hunt. This scavenger hunt is hosted by Tour Temple and people age 18 and over can sign up to form a team of 2 and find the most items to win prizes. Sign up for the scavenger hunt here.  Along with these fantastic events, the Historic Preservation League of Temple (HPLT) will be having an Independence Day Parade. This parade takes place on Saturday, July 3rd at 9 am.  Get yourselves, your bikes, and your wagons decked out for this parade! The parade route starts at N 9th St. from French to Nugent.

This year, the City of Temple plans to have a celebration taking place on Sunday, July 4th at Crossroads Park. This event marks the 23rd annual H-E-B Family Fun Fest and Fireworks Show. The celebration starts at 4 pm. The fireworks celebration takes place later in the evening, at 9:30 pm.  You can show up earlier at the start of the event to check out the food vendors and enjoy time together with others who are equally as excited to celebrate the United States of America and all the things America has accomplished since winning its independence. This exciting, family fun event will be one for the history books. The event is free and open to the public. Make sure to bring lawn chairs, picnic baskets, and friends or family to share in the celebrations and have a grand time.

Belton Celebrations

On the 3rd, there will also be a few Independence Day events taking place. At 10 am, there will be a Belton Independence Day Parade starting at UMHB and ending near the Belton Police Department. Starting at 11 am, the Festival on Nolan Creek will begin.  At this event, a hot dog eating competition will begin at 12 pm. There will be food vendors and entertainment. Also in Belton, there will be a few firework shows happening on the 4th. Drive out to the lake and pack the car full of lawn chairs, waters, and snacks to watch the fireworks by the water.  Or head to downtown Belton for a fireworks show and live concert at Schoepf’s BBQ.

How to Handle the Outdoor Heat Like a Pro

July is one of the hottest months of the year.  To keep your family safe this holiday, here are a few tips to beat the heat this July 4th. Don’t forget to pack the mosquito spray. When heading outside for an extended period of time, it is always better to be safer rather than sorry. Getting a multitude of bug bites from one exciting evening out is not how you want to spend the aftermath of this event. And, perhaps most important, make sure to pack lots of water. Pack a cooler full of ice-cold water. Hot summer nights make you more susceptible to heat exhaustion. Stay hydrated by bringing enough water for the whole family. Before you head out for the celebration, make sure to wear your best red, white, and blue attire. Celebrate America’s Independence right by wearing our nation’s patriotic colors.

Let There Be Donuts

In the nineteenth century, Elizabeth Gregory fried flavored dough with walnuts as a special treat for her son. Combine the two and the doughnut, or donut, was formed. Of course, during this time donuts didn’t look the way they do today. The modern donut has come a long way. For instance, the hole in the donut was not introduced until the late nineteenth century. From there on, the donut has been molded and customized to be flavored and topped just how you want. Now, donuts come in a variety of options. Some of the most popular donut options include filled, sprinkled, glazed, and cake.

Most people know the basics of this beloved treat, but have you explored the fun and wonderfully entertaining facts about this doughy confection? Apparently, it would take 3,660 donuts to reach the top of the statue of liberty. In addition to this, to reach all the way from Long Beach, California to Long Island, New York it would take more than 55 million donuts. Imagine a trail of donuts that seems impossibly endless. If you had roughly 55 million donuts, the approximate span of the donuts would equal 2, 850 miles. Whether as a breakfast meal, a midday snack, or midnight craving donuts are a delicious, sugary treat enjoyed by many.

Now that Donut Day is officially here, let’s explore the different ways you can celebrate this fun holiday. The easiest and quickest way to celebrate donut day is simply by buying a few donuts or a few dozen. No judgment here, though you might want to pawn off a few on family and friends. Whether you’re a donut chain or a local mom-and-pop shop kind of person, there are enough donut shops in the area to make sure your cravings are satisfied.

Moreover, if you have a little more free time on your hands, why not try making some donuts at home? You can follow this simple recipe to get a delicious, hands-on donut experience. These bite-size pieces, or commonly referred to as donut holes, take only fifteen minutes to make and are coated in a delicious sugar and cinnamon mixture that leaves your sweet tooth satisfied. No complex recipe here, just a basic, scrumptious treat that will allow you the chance to really experience the national day and make some fun, wholesome memories.

Like documentaries?  Celebrate Donut Day by watching a video on how donuts are made. An avid lover of donuts will enjoy watching exactly how their beloved treats are made. Another great idea for celebrating at home is to make some donut-themed crafts. This way of celebrating is particularly great for the younger children. Basic household supplies like paper plates and markers or crayons can be used to make simple donut arts and crafts. With the paper plate concept, grab a single paper plate and draw a circle in the inner center of the plate. Then have the children design their ideal donut. Additionally, you can utilize other crafting supplies around the house to make for a very interesting donut.

What are you waiting for? Get out and explore the town’s local donut shops and experience the way national donut day was meant to be celebrated; with a donut in one hand and a half-eaten one in the other.

Have a favorite donut? Tell Discover Temple your favorite in the comments below.



Temple Donuts: 2016 S 1st St. Temple TX 76504; open 5 a.m. -1 p.m.
Shipley Do-Nuts
• 115 N 31st St, Temple TX 76504; open 5 a.m. – 2 p.m.
• 1005 Marlandwood Rd #121 Temple TX 76502; open 5 a.m. – 2 p.m.
• 5 Meadowbrook Dr #A Temple TX 76502; open 5 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Donut Shop: 3 S 25th St. Temple Texas 76504; open 5 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Jack N Jill Donuts: 1303 S 57th St. Temple TX 76504; open 5 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Baker Donuts: 5075 S 31st St. Temple TX 76502; open 5 a.m. – 1 p.m.
317 Donuts: 9309 TX-317, Temple TX 76502; open 5 a.m. – 1 p.m.



Shipley Do-Nuts: 521 E 6th Ave. Belton, TX 76513; open 5 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Jack N Jill Donuts: 510 Sparta Rd Belton, TX 76513; open 5 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Academy Donuts: 109 State HWY 95 Little River-Academy TX 76554; open 5:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Creamy Donuts: 213 N Central Ave Troy TX 76579; open 5:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.



National Disc Golf Day


Soar into summer with this fun national day.  August 7th is National Disc Golf Day. This day marks a new chance to get outside and learn a new recreational sport, or for seasoned disc golf enthusiasts, a chance to play a few rounds.  Bring your own discs and come out to one of the many disc golf courses that Temple has to offer.  Whether you are an experienced player or a casual first-timer, this recreational activity is fun for everyone!

Crossroads Disc Golf Course

Crossroads Disc Golf Course is located in the Crossroads Recreational Complex at 1020 Research Parkway.  This course is one of the newest disc golf courses built in Temple. The Crossroads course was established in 2019. The course has twenty-seven holes to play with mixed terrain such as open flatland and wooded areas. The mixture of scenery creates a fun challenge for even the most experienced players. 

Player Tip: watch out for the heavily-wooded areas. The abundance of trees and the creek that runs through a few of the holes can be tricky to navigate. It is not uncommon to lose a disc or two on this course. The extra obstacles in the way can make the course more challenging; however, the added difficulty makes the game more fun.  On top of that, when you make it through the course with all your discs intact, there’s a new sense of accomplishment and pride. 

This disc golf course primarily has par three holes with varying short and long distances. Of the twenty-seven holes, twenty are par threes. The remaining holes are par fours.  To break even on this course with a perfect par, players will need to score eighty-eight.  Between the extensive amount of trees, creek crossings, and the connection through Pepper Creek Walking Trail, the course provides an excellent challenge for players of all skill levels.

Lions Park

Located at 4320 Lions Park Road, this disc golf course was established in 2005.  The course terrain is moderately hilly and wooded. There are twenty-one holes with sixteen of them being par threes. This course has several shorter holes as well as some challenging, longer holes. To breakeven on this course, players will need to score a total par of sixty-five. The course is a great option for anyone who wants to play for a few hours, have a great time, and experience different course terrains.  

Additionally, if travelling in a group with other people that aren’t keen on disc golf, you can play the course while they check out a few of the park’s other amenities.  Lions Park has playgrounds, softball fields, and hiking/biking trails.  For players who want to bring their beloved four-legged companions, Lions Park is also home to the Central Texas Bark Park. Your pet will love being outdoors by your side as you disc golf, but they will enjoy it even more when they see the wonderful dog park located on the grounds. Play this recreational sport in rounds of seven and take your dog to the Bark Park for a break before heading back out, or play through the course and let your pet play after.  This park’s course is excellent if you’re looking to play the course and do a few more activities in the same place.

South Temple Community Park

Located at 5000 South 5th St, this course is another fantastic option to play through for national disc golf day. The terrain is lightly wooded with mostly flat surfaces.  The course has eighteen holes.  Fourteen of these holes are par threes with the remaining four set at par fours.  Six of the holes pass through or around the creek located in the middle of the park. To break even on this course, players will need to end with a score of 58. With par threes and par fours, this course is great for players travelling solo or in a group.

Heritage Park

Heritage Park located in Belton was established in 2019. This course has eighteen holes and a mixed terrain. Twelve of the holes are par threes. The remaining holes are par four.  Some holes are long and span across the park’s large flatlands and stretch along the Leon River. Other holes on the course are nestled in the woods and prove to be an excellent challenge for any disc golfer. Break even with a final score of sixty on this course. This course is also PDGA-approved and hosts tournaments throughout the year. 

UMHB Disc Golf Course

The course located at the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor is perfect for beginners to the recreational sport.  Located approximately fifteen minutes from Temple, this course in Belton is a mere car ride away and plenty of fun.  This course is relatively short compared to others in the area, but don’t let that discourage you.  With varying terrains, hills, and gorgeous landscapes, this course is a shorter course that provides just as much fun and challenge as longer courses in the area. The course has 9 holes and is full of par threes. To get a perfect par score on this course, disc golf players will need to score 27. For players looking for a disc golf experience with limited time, this course is short enough that players can finish fairly quickly and have time to head out to their next activities.

May the Course Be With You

Whether you are a beginner, a novice, or a professional, the courses located in Bell County are fun and challenging.  Disc golf is a sport that can be enjoyed alone or in a group.  With an excellent range of courses in both terrain and length, there are several options for avid disc golf enthusiasts to test out.  Let your discs take flight and enjoy the many courses Bell County has to offer.  

National Wine & Cheese Day


Wine and cheese is a dynamic duo, a powerful pair, and a fan favorite that makes an afternoon at the vineyard a dream come true.  With the promise of flavorful wines and gourmet cheeses, there is no better way to spend the weekend.  July 25th marks National Wine and Cheese Day.  This year, this day takes place on a Sunday.  With Sunday marking the end of a weekend, take time on Friday and Saturday to celebrate.  Here in Temple, and its surrounding areas, there are several wineries that will welcome you in for celebrations and cheers.

3 Texans 

A family-owned winery and vineyard located in Temple. This winery is operated by a mom and her two daughters who have made the winery and tasting room vibrant, full of life, and enveloped in an inviting atmosphere. The vineyards at 3 Texans was created in 2009 with the planting of 4,000 grapevines. An additional 1,000 grapevines have been planted since its opening. In 2019, the on-site tasting room was added to the vineyard.

With an outdoor patio and an indoor area, guests can come out to the winery and enjoy a nice, relaxing afternoon of wine tasting.  The 3 Texans Winery has an exquisite selection of flavors boasting in decadent aromas and berry tastes. Wine flavors from the 3 Texans include: Sweet Blush, Sunset Rose, Sparkling Chenin Blanc, Roussanne, and more. Enjoy a wine flight in which you can sample five different wines for $10.  Open Wednesday through Sunday from 12 pm to 7 pm, you can stop by the 3 Texans Winery on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to enjoy some celebrations. 

Moose & Goose Winery 

Open Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm, Moose & Goose Winery is another great winery to explore for Wine & Cheese Day. This winery has a wonderful selection of delicate and impactful flavors.  Wine flavors include: Blueberry, Tripleberry, Alpenglow, Midnight Sun, Texas PearBerry, and many more.  This lively, upbeat winery provides a fun way to spend the weekend.  Sample some favorites, enjoy a wine tasting, or bask in the summer sun on the patio with a glass of wine you’ve never tried before.   

Dancing Bee Winery 

Beginning in 1930 as a bee farm, the Walker Honey Farm has served the Central Texas Area for nearly a century.  Expanding its roots in September of 2011, Dancing Bee Winery was created.  Honey wine is the heart of this winery, with honey locally harvested from the farm’s bee populations. This winery located in Rogers, TX is sure to have your taste buds soaring with their sweet honey wines and mead. Mead flavors include: Logi’s Libation, Texas Two Step, Cyser Apple Melomel, Sparkling Cranberry, and much more.  The Dancing Bee Winery offers six tastings for $10.  A charcuterie board is available for purchase with price varying for amount/different cheeses and other options, $8 to $20.   Hours for the winery are Fridays from 10 am to 6 pm, Saturdays from 9 am to 6 pm, and Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm. 

The Vineyard at Florence 

This gorgeous vineyard is located forty minutes away and serves as an event venue and winery.  This winery is open on Fridays from 4 pm to 9 pm, Saturdays from 12 pm to 9 pm, as well as Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm.  Enjoy a wine tasting and a charcuterie board.  Take time to sip a delicious wine on the patio or take it to go in a classy bottle for an on-site picnic.  Some of the vineyard’s unique wine flavors include: Southern Aspect and Texas Elevation.  The Vineyard at Florence is a picturesque landscape that sparks true romance and happiness.  This spot is an ideal place to celebrate Wine and Cheese Day with a significant other.

Wineries Around Central Texas

The Salado Winery, Salado Lone Star Winery, and Axis Winery are all located in Salado, approximately eighteen minutes away from Temple. Located twenty-two minutes away in Lorena is the Country Spring Vineyard.  Take a half-hour trip outside of Temple to visit these wineries and try something new.

The Perfect Cheese Board 

For an affordable, delicious option, head to Buc-ee’s for a cheese sampler platter.  Want something more luxurious?  Order ahead with Honey Bri and Charboxerie.  Honey Bri is located in Belton and has prices starting at $15. Charboxerie is located in Salado and has prices starting at $30.  At the Dancing Bee Winery you can order a charcuterie board while you are sipping some of the wineries’ famous honey wines.  The charcuterie boards at Dancing Bee are priced from $8 to $20. 

Bring the girls, your significant other, or your best friend.  Whether you go in a group or by yourself, celebrate National Wine and Cheese Day right with a flight of delicious, flavorful wines and a charcuterie board with all the cheese you can dream of.   Cheers!  


Splash Into Summer for National Waterpark Day

It comes as no surprise that a summer favorite for most people is spending a day at the waterpark.   With the blistering heat and hot temperatures, who doesn’t want to take a dip in a pool or float along a lazy river?  The initial cool blast of water from diving into a pool is the best way to remedy the heat waves of the sun.  With two waterparks in Bell County, families can spend the day out on the water and make the perfect summer memories. 

Lions Junction Family Water Park

Lions Junction Family Water Park is a local favorite in Temple.  This water park has several amenities for all ages.  This includes a lazy river, a pool with attached diving board, and an aqua climb wall.  There is also a lounge area where you can dry off and work on getting that golden, summer tan.   There are also two three-story water slides to race down.  The thrill-seekers in your family will love to take a turn riding down these giant slides into a pit of ice cold water. 

For the little ones, the water park also has a splash pad and splash zone.  These splash zones have fountains and misting spray systems that provide the young children with a fun, safe water experience.  The little ones can splash around to their hearts’ content in this little play area.  And, for anyone who has worked up an appetite after a full day of swimming, Lions Junction also has an on-site snack and concession stand where you can buy ice cream and drinks.  Swimming all day can take a lot of energy.  The on-site concession stand is stocked with poolside ice cream treats for your enjoyment when you’re ready for a break from the water. 

Summer Fun Water Park

Another great waterpark in the area is Summer Fun Water Park.  Located just a few minutes away in Belton, this water park will be a hit with the whole family.  One of the main attractions here is a 900 ft. water slide.  With twists and turns, this slide gives you amusement park vibes in a local package.  There are three water slides at this park.  Tubes are available to rent for free. 

For the adults in town, Summer Fun hosts Adult Night events throughout the summer where people aged 21+ can come to the park from 8 pm to 12 am. The water park allows guests to bring their own beverages and enjoy the park and all its amenities.   Float the lazy river with a cold drink in hand and a classic summer soundtrack.  These event nights cost $20 to get in and are sure to be a fun experience you won’t forget!  Along with Adult Night, the park also hosts several Family Night events throughout the summer months. Tickets for this event start at $8. These events take place from 7 pm. to 10 p.m. and provide the family with a night of music, swimming, and fun!  


 National Waterpark Day was made for splashing around in the pool, riding a tube through the lazy river, and seeking out some thrills with large water slides.  Thanks to Lions Junction and Summer Fun, anyone visiting Temple will have plenty of options when seeking out these water attractions.  What are you waiting for? Take a dip in the pool this Waterpark Day! 

Temple to host overnight stop on 2021 Great Race

Temple, Texas, will host the first overnight stop on the 2021 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty Saturday, June 19, race organizers have announced.

The Great Race, the world’s premiere old car rally, will bring 120 of the world’s finest antique automobiles to town for the $150,000 event, with the first car rolling into the Downtown Santa Fe Plaza starting at 4:45 p.m.

In all, the participants in the event will cover more than 2,300 miles in 9 days. The start will be in front of the Alamo in San Antonio, on June 19. The race will finish on June 27 in Greenville, S.C.

Teams and cars from Japan, England, Germany, Canada, and every corner of the United States will be participating in their vintage automobiles dating back as far as 1916.

“There are more than 500 people just in our entourage from all around the world taking part in this incredible adventure,” director Jeff Stumb said.

Along the route, competitors will travel through 10 states – Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

The Great Race, which began 38 years ago, is not a speed race, but a time/speed/distance rally. The vehicles, each with a driver and navigator, are given precise instructions each day that detail every move down to the second. They are scored at secret checkpoints along the way and are penalized one second for each second either early or late. As in golf, the lowest score wins.

Cars start – and hopefully, finish – one minute apart if all goes according to plan. The biggest part of the challenge other than staying on time and following the instructions is getting an old car to the finish line each day, organizers say.

Each stop on the Great Race is free to the public and spectators will be able to visit with the participants and to look at the cars for several hours. It is common for kids to climb in cars for a first-hand look.

Cars built in 1974 and earlier are eligible, with most entries having been manufactured before World War II. In the 2019 Great Race a 1916 Hudson won the event from Riverside, Calif., to Tacoma, Wash. The 2021 winners will again receive $50,000 of the $150,000 total purse.

A 1916 Hudson Pikes Peak Hillclimber and a 1917 Peerless racer are the oldest cars scheduled to be in the 2021 Great Race this summer.

Over the decades, the Great Race has stopped in hundreds of cities big and small, from tiny Austin, Nev., to New York City.

“When the Great Race pulls into a city it becomes an instant festival,” Stumb said. “Last year we had a couple of overnight stops with more than 10,000 spectators on our way to having 250,000 people see the Great Race during the event.”

The event was started in 1983 by Tom McRae and it takes its name from the 1965 movie, The Great Race, which starred Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Natalie Wood and Peter Falk. The movie is a comedy based on the real-life 1908 automobile race from New York to Paris. In 2004, Tony Curtis was the guest of the Great Race and rode in his car from the movie, the Leslie Special.

The Great Race gained a huge following from late-night showings on ESPN when the network was just starting out in the early 1980s. The first entrant, Curtis Graf of Irving, Texas, is still a participant today.

The event’s main sponsors are Hemmings Motor News, Hagerty, Coker Tire, and Reliable Carriers.

For more information, go to or contact Jeff Stumb at or by calling him at 423-648-8542.

Temple, Texas Is the Power of Travel

Temple, Texas Is the Power of Travel

This National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW), there is more reason than ever to celebrate the collective strength of the U.S. travel and tourism industry and its dynamic workforce.

The 38th annual NTTW, taking place May 2-8, recognizes the Power of Travel and the critical role our industry will play in bringing back our vibrant communities, restoring

the economy, rebuilding our workforce, and reconnecting America.

 Prior to the pandemic, the travel industry was a powerful economic engine, supporting jobs and driving local economies in every pocket of America. The industry had experienced 107 straight months of growth, generated $2.6 trillion in economic output, supported 17 million American jobs, and delivered a $51 billion trade surplus to the U.S.

Unfortunately, that strong growth trend plummeted last year due to the pandemic. Travel spending in the U.S. declined 42%, costing the economy $1.1 trillion, while hardworking Americans supported by travel made up a staggering 65%

of all U.S. unemployment.

 However, Temple, Texas – and the travel industry – is resilient.

 While we faced extraordinary challenges in the past year, our industry united like never before, lifted each other up, aided one another, and devoted ourselves fully to the task of supporting and restoring all sectors of travel.

Temple’s Destination Marketing Team is participating in NTTW by suggesting that we Rediscover Temple and its museums, attractions, restaurants, and outdoor spaces.

Enjoy FREE admission to local museums this week.

Czech Heritage Museum & Genealogy Center
119 W French Ave
Temple, TX 76501
FREE Admission May 3 – May 8

Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum
315 W Avenue B
Temple, TX 76501
FREE Admission May 3 – May 7
Tickets are required for National Train Day on May 8th.

Bell County Museum
201 N Main St
Belton, TX 76513
FREE Admission Always

 As we follow travel sentiment, it is refreshing to learn that in April 52% of Americans booked a hotel room. More than 88% of Americans have made tentative leisure trip plans, and 77% will make a trip in the next 3 months for the purpose of relaxation and fun.

(Destination Analysts)

Teresa Anderson, FCDME

Destination Marketing Manager

City of Temple, TX