A Dog’s Guide To Temple

Traveling to new destinations is exciting, full of possibilities, and something to look forward to.  For those travelling with pets, it helps to know where you can bring your furry best friend to eat, play, and to stay the night in comfort.  Take a look at some of the things that make Temple pet-friendly in this dog’s guide to Temple.  Discover Temple with the dogs at your side.

Dining With The Dogs

Hungry for a taste of Temple, but don’t want to leave your beloved pet behind?  Many restaurants in Temple have patios where your pets are welcome to sit with you as you dine and enjoy a good time.  Everything is more fun with a dog by your side.  They aren’t called man’s best friend for no reason.  Dining with your pooch will make the experience even better.  Clem Mikeska’s BBQ, Megg’s Café, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, Freebirds World Burrito, La Riv, and 3 West Alehouse & Grill all have patio options.  At 3 West Alehouse, you can sip on a cold draft beer with your best bud sitting beside you. Located in the nearby city of Salado, Barrow Brewing Co. also has craft and draft beers and a patio for the pets.

In a mood for a delicious dessert?  Stop by Jeremiah’s Italian Ice for a gelati treat.  They have a list of rotating flavors and seasonal specialties that you will want to stop by and sample.  Plus, for all the dogs tagging along, Jeremiah’s gives pets a mini peanut butter ice cup.  Your pets will love this peanut butter tasty treat and will be begging with puppy dog eyes to go back!

Downtown Dogs

In the downtown district of Temple, several restaurants and breweries allow pets to dine with their owners.  These restaurants also have patio seating available with more than enough room for you and your pampered pooch to hang out. Pignetti’s has patio seating with a grand view of downtown.  Enjoy some Italian entrees with your best friend at this local favorite.  Interested in Temple’s food truck scene?  Visit The Yard, downtown Temple’s food truck plaza to experience different cuisines and a fun atmosphere.  With picnic table seating, this food truck plaza is a great place to stop for a bite to eat with the dogs in tow. Or, head to the Santa Fe Plaza on your way through downtown Temple to sit on the lawn, eat a quick bite, and enjoy the scenery and weather that Temple has to offer.

With a walkable, fascinating downtown area, the city of Tempe’s downtown district is a great place to walk around and explore with your pet at your side.  Fire Base Brewing Company is a pet-friendly place where leashed dogs are invited to enjoy some time with their owners.  Fire Base is open Monday and Thursday evenings, and Saturdays and Sundays from midday to late evening.  Try some locally-crafted beers at this veteran-owned, dog-friendly establishment.  For more brews and pubs, check out O’Brien’s Irish Pub and BJ’s Brewery & Tasting Room. O’Brien’s and BJ’s Tasting Room both have patios and are pet-friendly. There is nothing like winding down on the weekend with a cold beer in hand and your best bud at your side.

Paws for Play Time

Whether you are in town for a weekend, a week, or longer, there’s a variety of outdoor activities for you and your pets.  While you are in town, stop by one of the local dog parks for a playful adventure!  Central Texas Bark Park is located inside Lions Park.  There are areas for both large and small breed dogs. Small dogs (under 30 pounds) have a half acre fenced-in play area and large dogs over 30 pounds have a one acre radius to play in. Bring your pet’s favorite frisbees and tennis balls and let them play fetch and run around this expansive field.  Also at the Bark Park a few agility equipment that you can use to train your dog or simply for play.  Give your pet time to do their own socializing and playing while you visit Temple.

Oak Tree Dog Park is another great park option for your four-legged friends.  Pets love to run off-leash in this 1-acre park.  Here you will find plenty of shade and even a few doggie obstacles that the dogs can run around and play on with their new friends. This park does require a fee to enter, but the fun your pet will have will be worth every penny!

Parks, Happy Tails, and Pets

Surrounded by many parks and outdoor recreational areas, Temple has several dog-worthy landscapes to see.  Take your dog for a gorgeous, scenic walk at Pepper Creek Trail.  Walk with your dog across the bridge, past waterfalls, and through beautiful scenery on this three mile trail.  Along with this trail, there are many parks in the Central Texas area that are perfect for you and your pet to explore!  Miller Spring Nature Center has several trails to choose from.  Pick a trail, grab your furry friend, and take a walk through some of Temple’s vibrant landscapes.  Chalk Ridge Falls along the Lampasas River features hiking trails, a suspension bridge, and waterfalls that your dog will enjoy seeing.  Go for a walk and enjoy the views.  This park is a sight to see and would be a great photo op for you and your pooch.

Hotel For Dogs

Looking for a place to stay that allows your animals to room with you?  There are hotels and campgrounds throughout the Temple where pets can stay.  Hotels that are pet-friendly include: Candlewood Suites, Stratford House Inn, La Quinta, Econo Lodge, Studio 6, Rodeway Inn, Days Inn, and Residence Inn.  Some hotels require a pet fee so be sure to look on their websites for pet policies when you book a reservation! For fans of camping in the great outdoors, several campgrounds in the area are pet friendly.  Check out Cedar Ridge Park, White Flint Park, Westcliff Campground, Live Oak Ridge Park, and Temple Lake Campground.

Sit, Bark, Play

Embark on a new adventure with your four-legged friend in Temple.  Find pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, breweries, and more!  With bark parks, trails, and a vibrant landscape, your dog will be excited to join their best friend on this epic trip.  Whether you’re here for a short stay or long stay, we’re happy to have you and your pets!

Discover Temple with your dog by your side.

For the dogs: Grr, bark, woof.  Who’s a good dog?

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A Few of Our Favorite Things: Buc-ee’s Edition

In a world of road trips and travel, there are few things more important than the snacks you decide to pack. Each person has a unique craving for something delicious.  Some people prefer the sweet and tart flavors of candy, others, the tangy and salty treat of award-winning crunchy morsels.  To truly experience road trip travel to its fullest effect, vacationers and travelers must find the nearest Buc-ee’s to try anything and everything you could think of when you imagine the perfect treat for the drive ahead.  Whether your next destination is five minutes or five hours away, this outstanding travel convenience store is sure to have your new favorite snack stocked on the shelves. Discover Buc-ee’s perfect travel snacks at Temple’s Buc-ee’s location.

buc-ee's snacks temple

The Sweet

If you’ve ever stepped foot into a Buc-ee’s you know the candy wall immediately catches your eye.  This large, fully stocked wall of delicious, sweet goodness is a happiness-inducing display.  For fans of chewy, gummy candies, the great wall of candy is stocked and loaded with every gummy you can imagine and more!  From gummy sharks to gummy sodas, all the way to the original gummy bears, Buc-ee’s has the assortment you didn’t know you needed.

If you are an avid chocolate lover who craves all things milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate, look no further than Buc-ee’s for the largest, grandest display of chocolate goodness the world of travel has ever seen.   With items such as chocolate covered mixed nuts and peanut butter cups to chocolate bark and chocolate truffles, it’s no wonder the tourists rave about this place.  Stop by Buc-ee’s to try a unique chocolate candy that will leave you feeling happy and satisfied in your sweet tooth cravings.

For a southern comfort sweet treat, stop by the fudge counter for a sugary, melt in your mouth confection.  Buc-ee’s boasts a variety of fudge flavors. From blueberry cheesecake and M&M to red velvet and birthday cake. There’s so many flavors to try!  And for those who can’t quite decide on a flavor, try a fudge sampler pack. These packs cost less than $15 and give you the opportunity to sample several different flavors and find a favorite.  Want even more sweet treats?  Stop by the chilled food medians and grab a banana pudding cup.  Banana pudding is a comfort food that never goes out of style.  With wafer cookies, pudding, and real bananas, this treat feels like home.

Want something salty and sweet?  Head to the Buc-ee’s food counter for fresh candied pecans, cashews, and mixed nuts.  These cinnamon sugar, roasted nuts are a treat and will leave your taste buds happy.

buc-ee's snacks temple

The Savory

If you prefer your road trip snacks to be savory meat sticks and chews, look no further than the beef jerky wall.  The possibilities are endless for finding your new favorite flavor.  Looking for a fresh take on this treat? Stop by the food counter for a quick bite!

Or, if you’re feeling extremely hungry, grab a hot sandwich for a lunchtime bite. Sandwiches come in a variety of meats like turkey, chopped and sliced brisket, chicken, and pork.

Another fantastic snack found at Buc-ee’s is the meat and cheese cups.  These great treats can be found in various sections around the food area of the store.  This snack is as simple as it sounds, cubed meats and cheeses stuffed into a cup for easy transportability and a lot of deliciousness.  Find your favorite cheeses like sharp and mild cheddar, swiss, and more.  What’s more you can grab some pretzels to go with your makeshift cheese cup for an extra salty kick.

buc-ee's snacks temple

The Saltiest

Let’s face it, you can’t have sweets without the complimentary flavorings of your favorite salty snacks.  It’s not a road trip without a dynamic duo of sweet and salty pairings.  Buc-ee’s has their own line of baked potato chips that come in a variety of flavors to ensure that your salty cravings are satisfied.  Another fantastic treat is the saltine crackers.  They are spicy, salty, and jam packed with flavor.  Your taste buds will be on a whole new adventure with the delicious treats.

Don’t forget about the popcorn.  How could you forget about this delicious treat?  Now, a plain, salted bag of popcorn is always a good choice, but at Buc-ee’s there’s so much more than an original flavor.  At Buc-ee’s the popcorn can be sweet and salty, or spicy and salty.  A must-try Buc-ee’s snack item is the white cheddar jalapeno popcorn.  This popcorn has just enough of a spicy heat that it leaves you feeling content and satisfied.  The delicious pairing of white cheddar and jalapeno heat is almost too good to be true.  Stop in and grab a small bag or two, or if you’ve got a whole family of jalapeno popcorn lovers grab a large bag for even more popcorn.

buc-ee's snacks temple

The Ultimate

It goes without saying that the Buc-ee beloved beaver nuggets are an ultimate treat. There is nothing quite like the crunchy goodness that is an original, caramel flavored nugget.  These sweetened cornmeal nuggets are rich in flavor with a buttery, caramel taste that leaves Buc-ee’s visitors begging to go back in for another pack. Beaver nuggets won’t last long on your trip. Best to stock up on a couple more bags. Once you’re out, its over.  No more crunchy, sweet deliciousness.  A few bags of beaver nuggets will make everyone in the car happy and ready for the big travel day ahead.

Now that you know about the best snacks that Buc-ee’s has to offer, take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Buc-ee’s for more tips and tricks on navigating this busy, wonderful travel store!


A Guide to the 75th Annual Christmas Parade

A Guide to the 75th Annual Christmas Parade

It’s no secret that a cherished holiday tradition for the city of Temple is seeing and participating in the Annual Christmas Parade.  Christmas parades can be viewed as the unofficial starting point to Christmas, because nothing gets you in the holiday spirit quite like a festive parade filled with seasonal favorites and Santa Claus with all his Christmas cheer.  This event is a family favorite and one you truly must see. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Christmas parade.

[Photo curtesy of Chris Winston]

What is the Annual Christmas Parade?

The City of Temple Annual Christmas Parade is a family-friendly holiday event that has been bringing locals and visitors joy since 1946.  The theme changes every year, with this year’s theme being the “Magic of a Traditional Christmas.” It has become a tradition for the parade to take place on the first Monday in December.  The parade features lit, unique displays from over 100 applicants.  The parade entrants consist of local business owners, organizations, student groups, and individuals.

On What Day Does the Parade Take Place? What Time Does It Start?

The parade takes place on Monday, December 6th.  A special tree lighting ceremony featuring the mayor will take place at 6:15 prior to the start of the parade. The parade starts at 6:30 pm and lasts approximately 90 minutes as all the entrants make their way through the route.

Who Hosts the Parade?

The City of Temple Parks and Recreation Department hosts the parade every year.  Temple Parks and Recreation enjoys overseeing this special, holiday event and arranging details for the parade such as assigning a creative theme and encouraging locals to sign up to be a part of this family-friendly, delightful event.

[Photo curtesy of Chris Winston]

What Is the Parade Route? Where is the Best Place to Watch the Parade?

The parade route has a total distance of 1.4 miles.  The parade starts at the intersection of E. Adams Avenue and N. 8th St., then proceeds west along Adams Avenue.  The parade then continues in front of the Municipal Building and heads all the way to N. 23rd St. Finally, the parade disbands at Temple High School.

Visitors and locals can head to the downtown district of Temple to watch the parade.  Viewing for the parade is street-side and visitors can watch anywhere along the parade route. Seating is first-come, first-serve.  To get the best view, plan to arrive early and bring necessities for comfortable seating throughout the duration of the event.

[Photo curtesy of Chris Winston]

Where Should Visitors Park?

Visitors can park on street-side parking.  Parking will also be available in the City Hall parking lot as well as in various areas downtown such as the Santa Fe Plaza.  The Santa Fe Plaza will also have a tree lighting ceremony for the tree located in the heart of the plaza.  Visitors can find plenty of close parking spots in the Santa Fe Plaza area.

[Photo curtesy of Chris Winston]

What Should You Bring With You?

Bring lawn chairs so you have a comfortable spot to sit for the parade. With the cold weather in store, be sure to bring blankets and bundle up to make sure you and your family are warm and cozy for the duration of the event. Visitors should also make sure to bring extra cash.  The downtown district is filled with plenty of restaurants and shopping. Visitors can shop around the local area while they wait for the parade to start.

Have more questions about the parade?  Find more information on the Temple Parks and Recreation website.

An Adventurer’s Guide to The Great Outdoors of Temple

The Great Outdoors of Temple

One of the most important things about the summer months is finding exciting, adventurous ways to spend the days.  And what better adventure is there than exploring the outdoors and all that it has to offer? So often we find ourselves in a traveling mood to see the sights, enjoy the sun, and to get outdoors.  Here in Temple we have the luxury of having access to so many vibrant and beautiful landscapes.  Between the trails, the lake, and the parks, Temple has the outdoor experience you have been searching for.


Relaxing Days at the Lake

A popular summer bucket list item is going to the beach and being able to stick your toes in the sand.  A good beach day consists of relaxing warmth from the sun and gentle waves.  Lake Belton provides the perfect setup for calming waves lapping along the bank, picturesque sunsets, and a comforting outdoor temperature. Though not your typical beach setting, you can find comfort and relaxation at the B.L.O.R.A. (Belton Lake Outdoor Recreational Area) and at various parks surrounding the lake. The expansive area of the B.L.O.R.A. has access to riding trails, paintball, a climbing wall, and a swimming pool.  This recreational area also has its own beach, known as the Sierra Beach, where you can swim, enjoy the water, and have a beach day the central Texas way. Check the B.L.O.R.A. website for updates on when this section will open. Along with this lake setting, Cedar Ridge Park and Westcliff Park are also located along the water and have the perfect space to picnic, grill, and spend time with friends. 


Into the Woods

Another great way to spend time outdoors is to go on a nature walk and check out a few local trails.  Pepper Creek walking trail is a beautiful mixture of wooded and open trail scenery.  This trail is also on the same grounds of the disc golf course at Crossroads Park. With charming bridges and stunning waterfalls, this trail is truly something special. On your walk through the Pepper Creek area you could see several wildlife species out in the fields.  This includes field rabbits, lizards, and deer.  The area is gorgeous and you will be at peace in all the nature that surrounds you.  A great tip for the outdoorsmen: if you are going to walk the trails, go earlier in the day or later in the afternoon to beat the heat and enjoy the walk.

Miller Springs Nature Center also has trails to hike, bike, or walk the dogs.  The landscape provides a picture-worthy backdrop for all your activity needs.  With walking trails, and mixed environmental scenery, Miller Springs is a nature destination you are sure to love.  Another fantastic park with trails is Chalk Ridge Falls.  Take your pets for a walk and marvel at this scenic area.  You can also bird watch, scope out the local flowers, and look at the outdoor attractions like the cave and waterfalls.  


Playgrounds, Splash Pads, and Neighborhood Parks

Another fantastic option to consider is going to local parks with playgrounds, splash pads, and more!  For families with young children, this is a great way to pass the time on a summer afternoon.  Some parks you can find here in Temple are Lions Park, Miller Park, Jaycee Park, and West Temple Park.  These parks are only a handful of the vast list of parks Temple has to offer.  For a full list of parks, check out the city of Temple’s parks website.

Miller, Jaycee, and West Temple all have splash pads that the kids always enjoy.  The parks also have walking trails, playgrounds, and outdoor sports areas such as soccer fields, baseball fields, and basketball courts. Whistle Stop Park’s train-themed attractions are always fun for the children. The kids can pretend to be train conductors and engineers, letting their imaginations run wild on this lively playground.  Another fun park to play at is Optimist Park.  This neighborhood park is dinosaur themed.  Take a ride on the wild side with this Jurassic, pre-historic themed park. 


Camping in Style

Moreover, if you are in the mood for a true outdoors experience, try your hand at camping. A few examples of places to camp include: Live Oak Ridge, Cedar Ridge, Stillhouse, and Temple Lake Park.  At these areas you can find picnic spots, campgrounds, water access points, trails, and pavilions. Roast s’mores by the fire pits at the campgrounds, swim in the lake access points, or hike the terrain to further explore the area.  With so many camping areas throughout Temple, there’s plenty of different sites and surroundings to see.

At camping sites in Stillhouse, the cost to rent one of the campgrounds is $40 per day. There are water and electricity hookups on both sites, and pets are allowed. This setup is perfect for an outdoor adventure with the family. Or, for millennials interested in a weekend camping trip with their beloved four-legged friends, grab a hammock and camping gear with all your pet supplies and enjoy a weekend away with your pet.  Another fantastic camping option is the Turkey Roost Campground located in Cedar Ridge Park.  This campground has horseshoe pits, is close to the water, and has RV hookups for anyone traveling with a motor home or travel trailer. Enjoy an overnight stay on the lake with walking trails, outdoor sports activities, and a magnificent view. 


The Great Temple Outdoors

Temple has a lot of wonderful areas to explore.  The city is rich in nature, parks, and trails. With a selection this large, you are sure to find an activity you love in the great outdoors here in Temple.  Outdoor activities are perfect for families, couples, and those who love to travel with their pets.  What are you waiting for?  Check Out Temple’s Parks and Recreation for more information to book, plan, and find the perfect spot for your next outdoor adventure.


An Autumn Full of Festivities

Fall is a time for breezy weather, cozy sweaters, and a hot cup of coffee, but how can you spend the autumn season outside of the house doing something exciting? Temple, and its regional surroundings, has an abundance of activities and events happening throughout the autumn months. Take some time to explore Temple and make this Autumn the best season yet!  Discover Temple has put together the Ultimate Bucket List of fall activities that you won’t want to miss!

West Temple Oktoberfest

The West Temple Oktoberfest event hosts a variety of activities like the local farmers market, live music, face painting, access to a bounce house, and plenty of food trucks. There will also be over thirty wine and beer brews and flavors. The best part? Entry is free! This family and dog-friendly event takes place on October 16th from 12pm to 8 pm.

Spend a Day at The Robinson Family Farm

This local attraction is one of the biggest hits of the fall season. Grab the family or a couple of friends and head out to this farm for an incredible fall experience!  The Robinson Family Farm has a barrage of activities including a corn maze, corn canon, pumpkin patch, concession stand, hayride, and more!

Enjoy a Seasonal Coffee at Atrium Coffee Co.

Atrium Coffee Co. has a new fall menu of delicious and decadent coffee flavors.  Stop by this lovely coffee stop for a taste of fall!

Visit a Local Farmers Market

Temple has several farmers markets that take place throughout each month.  Stop by one of the events and see a community of local farmers and vendors with all kinds of goods and produce to choose from. There will be items from jams and jellies to produce, home goods, and more!

Pick A Pumpkin at a Pumpkin Patch

Throughout the city of Temple, you can find pumpkin patches of all sizes.  An autumn must-do activity is to go with your loved ones to pick out the very best, most vibrant pumpkin.  Head to one of the local pumpkin patches to pick out the perfect pumpkin for you! Walker Honey Farm is a great place to pick a pumpkin and is a must-see! Stop by Walker Honey Farm for a perfect pick of the crop! After you’ve picked the best pumpkin, you and the family can have a pumpkin painting/carving competition!

Attend November First Friday

First Friday events are a local favorite!  These events take place in the downtown district and always have all kinds of activities and specials going on between all the various businesses located downtown!  The upcoming November First Friday event will be one to remember! Whether you’re here to shop, dine, or find a place to hang out with friends, this event is a lot of fun! Stop by and explore the scene!

Take a Trip Through the Silo of Screams

The Silo of Screams is open for the spooky season! Silo of Screams has four main attractions and over 30,000 square feet of horror. The attractions include a funhouse full of creepy clowns, the Van Winkle Memorial Hospital, Her Wicked Way,  and a Post-Apocalyptic Incinerator. General admission is $29, with fast pass admission costs set at $39.  You can buy tickets online or at the gate.  These haunted house attractions are not for the faint of heart.  Looking for thrills and a good scare?  Head to Silo of Screams for the spookiest event of the season!

Watch a Spooky Holiday Movie at the Beltonian Theater

The Beltonian Theater located in Belton will be featuring a few Halloween movies through the month of October.  From the 11th to the 17th, you can buy tickets to watch Hocus Pocus on the big screen. The Rocky Horror Picture Show will have showtimes from the 18th to the 23rd, and the Nightmare Before Christmas will be playing on November 11th through the 14th. But that’s not all! This theater will be hosting a Haunted House event! There are separate times for the spooky version and a kid-friendly version.  The Beltonian Theater Haunted House will run from the 25th to the 31st. The child-friendly version will take place on the 30th and 31st.

Listen to Live Music at Barrow Brewing Co. in Salado

Barrow Brewing Co. hosts jam sessions and live music nights throughout the months! Check their Facebook page for information about live music and new events! This brewing company is located just a short drive away in Salado!

Attend a Trivia Night Event at Fire Base Brewing Co.

Fire Base Brewing Co. has trivia night every Thursday!  Check out the trivia themes and bring your team to win the competition! Or attend the Name that Tune Bingo: Halloween night for another spooky treat!

Take a Ride On The Haunted Hayride

The Temple Parks and Recreation department’s special Halloween event is returning this year!  Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at templeparks.com! Tickets must be purchased online! Tickets are $7.00 per person. The 8th Annual Haunted Hayride takes place at the Reuben D. Talasek Bend of the River Ranch on Saturday, October 23rd.  Don’t miss out on this exciting, haunted hayride!

Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

One of the best things about Autumn is having the opportunity to decorate your home!  Stop by the Parlour Antiques, The Hub, Relics Antiques, 2nd St Emporium, or Darling Décor & More to find some incredible fall décor!

Listen to a Concert Featuring the Temple Symphony Orchestra

The Temple Symphony Orchestra is open for its 28th season! Tickets are $25.00 for each event.  The next event coming up is the Van Cliburn Recital held at the Frank W. Mayborn Civic and Convention Center on October 16th. For more information on the concerts held throughout the year, check the Temple Symphony website!

Explore The Downtown District

Temple’s downtown district is full of life and always evolving!  Take a moment to explore the area with its many restaurants, shops, and nightlife!

Attend Fright Fest and Monster Mash

The Fright Fest and Monster Mash event takes place on October 30th at the Santa Fe Plaza and is family-friendly! Wear your costumes and get ready for lots of candy!

Attend a Trunk Or Treat/Trick or Treating Event

It’s not fall without a proper Halloween extravaganza!  With so many local attractions, churches, and neighborhoods hosting trick or treating events, there’s a lot of options to check out! Score lots of candy and enjoy dressing up as your favorite characters this Halloween!

Participate in the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving 5K

The annual Turkey Trot is a 5k race hosted by the Carlson Law Firm.  Register and get a t-shirt included in the registration fees.  The race takes place at Pepper Creek Trail in late November and is a great way to start exploring one of Temple’s most popular trails!

Buc-ee’s In Temple Texas

Must-Do List: Buc-ee’s in Temple, TX

Ask any Texan what the best highlight for a road trip is and they will say making a stop at the nearest Buc-ee’s. This Texan chain of convenience stores is so much more than you could ever expect.  Imagine this.  You’re driving down I-35 here in Temple in the early morning, the sun is rising, you’re still feeling a little tired, and your stomach starts to let out a low growl of hunger. In the next instance you look up, see the giant beaver head sign in the sky, and know all your problems will melt away. Buc-ee’s will satisfy your hunger, alleviate your sleepiness, and get your mindset positively happy for the travels ahead. With affordable gas prices, the finest bathrooms, and a large assortment of merchandise, food, and more, Buc-ee’s is your one-stop shop for all your travel needs.

The Buc-ee’s Essentials

The first thing you should do when you turn into the Buc-ee’s parking lot is stop at the pumps and fill up the car. Buc-ee’s makes it easy to fill up the fuel tank without breaking the bank.  With over 100 gas pumps, there is sure to be a space for you and your vehicle needs.  Next, after your tank has been filled, head inside for a bathroom break. Or, as Buc-ee’s likes to say head inside to “Potty like a rock star.”  The bathrooms here are world famous, boasting of cleanliness. You won’t find a better rest stop than at Temple’s Buc-ee’s location.   

The Wonderful World of Snacks

After you’ve gotten the essentials covered, it’s time to get to the fun and even more exciting portion of this Buc-ee’s pit stop. Located close to the entrance of Buc-ee’s, you will find the expansive great wall of candy.  With a wide variety of gummies, chocolates, hard candies, and more, Buc-ee’s will make all your candy dreams come true.  And next to that you can find the gourmet jerky wall. For fans of this road trip snack, you can find an assortment of flavors. On several rows next to the candy and jerky wall, you will find spices, jarred goods like jam, salsa, and much more. But the real treasure – the holy grail of Buc-ee’s- is the beaver nuggets.  The original beaver nuggets flavor simply cannot be beat, but if you are feeling adventurous try a few other flavors like cinnamon sweet, salted caramel, white cheddar, white cheddar habanero, and bold ‘n sorta spicy.  It is a must-do to buy beaver nuggets on your next trip to Buc-ee’s.  See what all the hype is about for these delectable, sweet treats.

Brisket, Turkey, and Pork, Oh My!

Feeling hungry? Order a delicious, barbecue or brisket sandwich at the kiosk in Buc-ee’s.  Order your sandwich exactly how you like it and wait for the cooks at Buc-ee’s to call out your order.  Then, get ready for the sandwich of a lifetime.  Buc-ee’s has all kinds of sandwiches with meat options from brisket, pork, turkey, chicken, and more.  These sandwiches make an excellent lunch choice when you’re ready and hungry for a hearty, wholesome comfort food. And once your lunch plans have been taken care of and your order has been made, you can stock up on desserts with homemade fudge. Buc-ee’s fudge comes in unique, delightful flavors like blueberry cheesecake, birthday cake, and cookies n’ cream.  Not sure what flavor to choose? Pick up a fudge sampler pack to try many different fudge flavors.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

With great shopping comes even greater self-control.  You’ll find it’s hard not to spend a lot of money at Buc-ee’s, especially when you’ve seen the merchandise.  At Buc-ee’s you will find trendy shirts, blankets, toys, and accessories all with the famous mascot on the items. These merchandise items are affordable and are a hit with family and friends that love Buc-ee’s or have the desire to love Buc-ee’s.  You can buy items for babies, children, and adults.  Not only does Buc-ee’s have their own merchandise, but they also sell merchandise through other vendors. This brings in kitchen and home goods, outdoor gear, and so much more. Shopping at Buc-ee’s is like going to a large strip mall rolled up into a clean, desirable package.

ICEE You Leaving Buc-ee’s

Before you head back out on the road, don’t forget your large fountain drink or ICEE.  The price of fountain drinks at Buc-ee’s cannot be beat.  The best part? You can pour your own drink and mix and match to your heart’s content.  Love different flavors?  Mix the white cherry with the Dr. Pepper flavor.  Or, try the blue raspberry and Coke.  And if you prefer a regular soft drink to this frozen treat, the fountain drinks station has original staples like coke, dr. pepper, and sprite, along with Buc-ee’s brand soda flavors.

Sweet Beaver Nugget-filled Dreams

After checking out and getting ready to leave, the final must-do on the list is to dream about the next time you’ll find yourself in Temple’s Buc-ee’s location.  After a Buc-ee’s run, its hard not to crave going back. Buc-ee’s is certainly a fun attraction for any travelers passing through. This convenience store truly makes shopping for road trip essentials a breeze. Remember, Temple’s Buc-ee’s will always be here to welcome you home.

Celebrate Live Creative Day in Temple

Here in Temple, life is meant to be lived in vibrant colors, various hues, and through a creative environment that is continually developed as well as encouraged.  Live Creative on this national day as you take part in all the art that makes Temple unique.  With attraction within the city and some in surrounding cities, its easy to find a reason to live creatively in Temple.

Art Trains

The Downtown Temple scene is filled with vibrant creative art pieces. Each mural and train has its unique features, cultural inspirations, and color schemes. Currently, you can find five art trains spread out around the downtown district with additional trains continuously being added. These trains tell a story and showcase some of the wonderful attractions in Temple.

Sterle Art Studio

Sterle Fine Art Studio

The Sterle Fine Art Studio in the downtown district has oil painting, art classes, and photography. Susan Sterle is the owner and artist at this establishment and she specializes in painting and drawing instruction.  If you want special paintings done of moments, pets, and more you can also commission the Sterle Fine Art Studio to paint you a masterpiece.  The Sterle Art Studio also has Pop a Cork & Paint Night through partnering with Corky’s also located in the downtown district.  Check out the Sterle Fine Art Studio Facebook page to find out more and learn about special painting events!



In addition to the trains downtown, visitors to the Temple area can find unique murals. Treno Pizzeria and Taproom has a beautiful mural along the side of its building. Treno and First Street Roasters are both honored in this art piece with its pizza and coffee art pieces. Another wonderful mural can be found in the alley of The Hub. This mural is filled with vibrant colors. With colorful flowers, a pink and purple rainbow, and a classic business name feature, this mural is a beautiful addition to downtown Temple. Located off Main Street and Ave. A, visitors can find a mural that depicts Temple’s beauty, history, and cultural ties.

Cultural Activities Center

Though, the upcoming exhibits are scheduled to start September 18th, you can prepare ahead of time to stop by the Cultural Activities Center for a beautiful, creativity-inspiring experience. September’s upcoming exhibits include Expressive Color: VIBRATO by Kay Griffith, A Life Assembled: Mixed Impressions by Wynona Alexander, Sherri Wilson, Nancy Isett, and Chad Hanes, and It’s About Time… featuring Jill Mooney’s clocks and more.

In the front lobby, there is the Empty Bowl Project designed to support local food pantries. This is a fun, hands on project for visitors to the Cultural Activities Center. Visitors can make bowls to be sold by the CAC with profits being donated to local food pantries. You can arrange to have a private bowl party with friends to make one and donate one. For third graders in the Bell County area, there is also a Hands On: Germany cultural program hosted by The Contemporaries in which the students will learn about the culture, history, art, and music of Germany. Checking out the fantastic art pieces created by local and national artists will inspire you to get out there and make your own art, whether it’s a kid’s craft or an extravagant painting.

DIY Creativity

Don’t forget about all those DIY hobbies you’ve always wanted to test out.  Live Creative Day is the perfect opportunity for you to head to Temple’s craft stores, Hobby Lobby and Michaels, to pick up some craft supplies. With the holidays right around the corner, you can make all kinds of seasonal crafts for the occasion.  Or pick up some generic craft supplies like paint and canvases and try your hand at creating a few paintings.  Either way, you can explore your creativity with a good DIY or two on this national day!

Live Creative Day can be spent doing any craft, its all about the creativity and pursuing a life of art. From jewelry-making to resin crafts and oil paints to mural painting, Temple’s craft stores are waiting for you.  Additionally, if you’re looking for local wildflowers to put in your resin-based craft projects, Temple’s beautiful landscapes have a wonderful selection of plant life to choose from.

Regional Creative Attractions

Salado Sculpture Garden

Salado Sculpture Garden

The Salado Sculpture Garden was brought together by the Public Arts League of Salado and Keep Salado Beautiful. The Salado Sculpture Garden was designed with the help of Texas Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists and features sculptures from a diverse group of artists. Stop by this garden to see some beautiful artworks in a wide array of materials and mixed-media. This beautiful sculpture garden will let you keep your focus on the beautiful artistic side of life. Perhaps it will even inspire you to make your own sculpture.

That Art Place & Board and Brush

At That Art Place, visitors can paint pottery, fused glass, and board art. Live creatively by taking up an art hobby. You can paint pottery that can either be fired or non-fired. Non-fired pottery can be taken home the same day, while fired pottery takes about two weeks to be ready for pick up. Waiting for your pottery to be ready will give you the perfect excuse to make another trip to Temple. That Art Place is always getting new products in and with the holidays coming up, you won’t want to miss out on a chance to paint a few of them!

Along with pottery, That Art Place also offers fused glass and board art.  The fused glass projects at this art attraction are a lot of fun and an excellent craft to try for anyone who loves the look of stained glass artworks or enjoys working with intricate mosaics.  Unleash your inner artist at this fun attraction in Belton that sparks creativity.

For more board art crafts, check out Board & Brush in Belton.  This creative studio gives you the chance to paint your own signs and decor.  They also have special workshop classes for projects like doormats, seasonal items, and planters.  This create-your-own studio is full of fun ideas and possibilities. Visitors get to be a part of the process every step of the way.  From installing hardware, waxing the wood to protect it from the elements, and use power tools and sanders to get the board polished and prepped for your design process. Or if you’re worried about not being the right painter for the job, stencils are available to help you create the perfect piece!

Painting With a Twist

The point of Live Creative Day is to get out there and explore the limits of your creativity. Create paintings, sculptures, trinkets, whatever project fuels your creativity. For fans of painting, visitors can schedule a private party at the Painting with a Twist located in Temple. With a private party, guests can paint anything and enjoy a fun experience with friends or in a group. There are also scheduled events with specific paintings listed on the Painting with a Twist website. Check back frequently for more designs and events!

Salado Glassworks

Salado Glassworks

This Salado art studio focuses on blown glass. Whether you want to stop by to watch or get in on the action, this art studio is an exciting experience you won’t want to miss. Salado Glassworks does special events throughout the year and has several that are coming up soon. For a chance to really pursue your creative side, stop by this studio. Salado Glassworks is doing a Blow Your Own Octoberfest Event happening on September 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th, and October 1st and 2nd. This event is for ages 12 and up in which participants can make a mug, tumbler, or sipper for $80-85 pp depending on the choice of product.

Additionally, for a fun, fall-themed take on creative projects, on various dates in October and November, Salado Glassworks hosts Blow Your Own Pumpkin events. This themed event is $55 per person and gives you some lovely, seasonal décor for your home.

Live Life Creatively

By choosing to live creatively, life will be far more entertaining and full of life and color. Choose to live creative every day by visiting some of Temple and Bell County area art studios, galleries, and murals.  There’s something about a city’s take on art that truly allows the city’s history, culture, and heart to shine through! Check out the sights and art that make Temple a unique destination on your next travel day.

Corn Mazes, Hayrides, and Pumpkins Please!

The Robinson Family Farm is among some of the most exciting, fun attractions that Temple has to offer.  This farm has been a local favorite for many years and visitors come from all over to see what the excitement is all about!  The Robinson Family Farm’s special fall festivities continue on the weekends through October 31st.  Stop by on a Saturday or Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. A “Haunted Maze” event will take place on the 30th.  This event will be after normal operating hours starting at 8 pm and ending at 10 pm. Admission to this special event is $15 per person with proceeds benefiting a local youth football team. For general admission to the farm on regular weekends, the cost is $19.12 at the gate or $13.95 online!

Corn Maze

Photo Courtesy of The Robinson Family Farm

Mazes & More

The Robinson Family Farm has a variety of incredible attractions and things to do! With family-friendly activities and cute photo opportunities, this Temple hot spot is sure to be a local favorite your family, friends, and loved ones will enjoy seeing.  Perhaps one of the greatest things about the fall season is the chance to soak up the crisp weather and traipse through a corn maze.  Corn mazes can be both a challenging and rewarding thing to do!  With numerous routes and clues, this maze is always a great way to pass the time with friends and family! Looking for more things to do centered around the vegetable of the hour? There are a few corn cannons on hand where people of all ages can try their luck at hitting a few targets!


Photo Courtesy of The Robinson Family Farm

Photographs, Pumpkins, and Perfection

There are also plenty of farm animals on hand for the kids to enjoy seeing and interacting with! On certain Saturdays and Sundays of the month, guests to the farm can catch a few herding shows and wood carving demonstrations. Herding shows take place on the 24th and 31st at 12 pm, 1:30 pm, and 3 pm. The Chainsaw Wood Carver will be doing demonstrations at the farm on the 23rd and 30th. These shows are a lot of fun to watch and will leave you either wanting to teach an old dog new tricks or start a new hobby involving lumber and a chainsaw!

The Robinson Family Farm has an on-site pumpkin patch where you can pick out the perfect pumpkins for the members of your group!  Take them home and carve or paint them for additional fun! Pumpkins are one of the most photographed items during the fall season.  Luckily for guests there are so many fantastic photo opportunities at this local attraction!  New to the farm is a pumpkin barn.  This art piece is a structural design concept with pumpkins of varying sizes placed on the walls and shelving.  Between the pumpkin barn and the pumpkin patch, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to snag a few Instagram-worthy images!

Axe Throwing

Photo Courtesy of The Robinson Family Farm

For the Adults

For the adults, visitors to the Robinson Family Farm can participate in an axe-throwing attraction.  Have you ever wanted to try your hand at this challenging sport? You’re in luck! Targets are set up and you can have a friendly competition between friends and family to see who has the better skills! Or, for fans of good music, what better way to celebrate fall than with an outdoor jam session?  The Robinson Family Farm has live music from local artists! Check the Facebook page for more information!

The Patch

Photo Courtesy of The Robinson Family Farm

For the Kids

There are so many incredible attractions for the children!  Each admission into the farm comes with a trip to the sand art station.  This activity is fun for all ages!  Pick your favorite colors of sand and fill up a bottle for a memento of your time at the Robinson Family Farm! There’s also a bounce pad and a corn pit for the kids to play!  These activities will keep the children entertained while you enjoy some time outside!  Also on-site is a playground, tug-o’-war station, and a barrel train! More activities at the farm include a hayride through the pumpkin patch, yard games, and the ball zone where people of all ages can shoot hoops on these arcade-style ball games.

Robinson Family Farm Barrel Train

Photo Courtesy of The Robinson Family Farm

Local Farms and Festivities

For more incredible farms and fall festivities, head to Walker Honey Farm! This regional farm located in Rogers, Texas has an adorable pumpkin patch.  The farm also has an on-site winery for the adults and is home to many bee populations!

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

After the fall season, The Robinson Family Farm will have Christmas trees and wreaths! Beginning November 20th, visitors can pick up a Fraser fir Christmas tree or grab some real holiday wreaths to spruce up their homes! The Robinson Family Farm will also have hot cocoa and mulled cider available for purchase.


Discover Temple Receives State Recognition

The City of Temple’s Marketing and Communications Department’s “Discover Temple” campaign was recently recognized by the Texas Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus.

Discover Temple, the City’s tourism and destination marketing organization, won second place in the “People’s Choice” Idea Fair for Tourism Branding and Advertising. Awards were presented during TACVB’s Virtual Annual Conference on Aug. 12.

Discover Temple is a brand refresh for Temple tourism. It markets several individual sectors of the community including lodging, downtown, restaurants and recreation. Colorful and creative marketing materials are designed to catch the eye and draw in potential visitors.

Discover Temple new Brand
If you are wanting to request Discover materials to be delivered to you please visit here.

“We are actively positioning Temple as a premiere visitor destination,” said Teresa Anderson, City of Temple Destination Marketing Manager. “Development of attractive and branded print materials is part of that process.”

TACVB’s Idea Fair promotes excellence in destination marketing.  Goals of the Idea Fair awards are to generate awareness of the quality work done by TACVB members as they promote their destinations to leisure and business travelers.  “Judges’ Choice” winners are selected by a panel of judges comprised of tourism industry experts.  A People’s Choice competition allows tourism industry peers to weigh in on their favorites as well.

“We had a record 119 entries this year,” said Jodi Willard, TACVB Idea Fair Chairman.  “The winners encountered strong competition and these awards are well-deserved.”

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Every dad is made up of unique characteristics that make them one-of-a-kind. They all have their wholesome quirks and candid moments. But let’s be honest, they all have at least one thing in common. They are dads, after all. With fatherhood comes the dad jokes, the wholesome dad content, and the need for greatness. Dads have many things in common including interests. And it so happens that there is a whole day dedicated to these great men, so what do you gift dads on Father’s Day? How do you shop for the dad that has everything? We’ve broken down some common traits dads possess into a few category types to help you narrow down the best approach to Father’s Day Gifts. Here’s a list of local Temple gift ideas for last-minute shoppers still looking for the perfect gift.


The Coffee Addict:

Atrium Coffee Co.’s 2 lb. bag of coffee and Atrium Coffee Co. stickers. Stop by this local coffee house to purchase. To a dad who lives and thrives on this caffeinated drink of choice, there is nothing better than that perfectly roasted blend of ground coffee. There are only so many coffee mugs you can fit in the cabinet. Its better to skip the mug and go straight for the coffee grinds. Atrium Coffee Co. is a local favorite with a nice, dark roast that dads will enjoy.

The Bartender:

Take a trip to a downtown Temple brewing company that is veteran-owned and veteran-brewed. Fire Base Brewing Co. has a great selection to try such as Fiddler’s Green American Pale Ale and the Amber Waves Amber Ale.  You can shop easier with the option to order online and read about all the draft and craft beers that this new, downtown brewery has to offer.

For a unique beverage option, give the gift of mead from Walker Honey Farm. This local honey farm and winery located in Rogers has several flavors to try. For example, the Logi’s Libation flavor is a spicy mead made with the locally sourced honey and smoked chipotle peppers. Another option is the Cyser Apple Melomel, a semi-sweet blend with the flavors of honey and tart apples.

The Outdoorsmen:

The best gift for this type of dad can be as simple as paying for entrance to Belton Lake for a day of fishing, swimming, and enjoying the great outdoors. For more information about Belton Lake click here.

The Movie Star:

Beltonian Theatre Monthly Movie Membership. Perfect for dads who love the excitement and nostalgia of watching older classics and box office hits. This membership gets you into that month’s movies for free with special discounts and free refills for concession items. Join the Movie Membership club.

The Reader:

A collector of books and wisdom, this dad loves a night at home with a good book. The Book Cellar in Downtown Temple has all kinds of rare, classic, and novelty books and items. Also available at this store are comics, autographed items, collectibles, and sports memorabilia. Stop by this local bookstore for books you can’t find anywhere else.

The Cook:

Emporium Spice in Temple has all kinds of delicious spice blends and mixes to make cooking a treat. Dads who enjoy grilling or packing their food with lots of great flavor will love a set of spices from this local brand. Try the Guacamole Mix for a tasty night of chips, dip, and Tex-Mex. Or try a nice combination of spices with the 5 Pack Gift Box that has a perfect blend of spices for any meal.

The Artist:

These creative, fun-loving dads enjoy time spent creating and crafting projects and art. Completely customize and design art pieces exactly how you want them.  That Art Place in Belton is a fantastic business that allows you to paint pottery, create a fused glass display, and even make wood signs. For the dad that loves to create, a gift card to this studio is the way to go.

For the Dad Who Has Everything:

Shopping for these types of dads can be a very challenging process. Unsure of what to gift him? Check out The Hub in Downtown Temple or The Shoppes on Main in Salado. These shopping centers have a variety of vendors and small businesses. You’ll find something unique inside these shops. With over sixty vendors combined, there are all kinds of one-of-a-kind Father’s Day gifts to be found.